CONCACAF WU-20: Mexico’s Roster, Minutes Played (Group Stage)

In advance of today’s USA-Mexico clash at the CONCACAF Women’s Under-20 Championship, here’s a quick compilation of minutes played by Mexico’s roster, so far. Compared to Swanson’s broad use of his roster, Roberto Medina has primarily used the same groups of starters and substitutes in Mexico’s group matches.

For Mexico, six field players have been on the pitch for the entire group stage. Only two starters from the first match have been rested (not played) in one of the later group matches: goalkeeper Cecilia Santiago and defender Ashley Kotero. The remaining nine starters have started all of Mexico’s group stage matches this tournament.

Medina’s use of substitutions has also been consistent: The same three players have been subbed off in all three matches:

  • Team captain Nayeli Rangel, who is still recovering from a torn ACL, has been subbed off before the 60th minute mark in all three matches (56′, 46′, 54′). The last two times Rangel was subbed off, Yamile Franco replaced her.
  • Forward Tanya Samarzich. In the last two matches, she was replaced by Daniela Solis.
  • Forward Chrystal Martinez. In two of the matches, she was subbed off for Maria Fernanda Pina.

Three of the four defenders on Mexico’s backline have played in every match: Ariana Romero, Bianca Sierra, and Christina Murillo. With only Ashley Kotero being not played for one match (against Canada).

For more on Mexico’s roster, here’s an earlier post that notes any American connections for Mexico’s players and links to the player’s collegiate bio page where available.

Player               P.   JAM  HAI  CAN   Total
Ariana Martinez      MF    90   90   90     270
Arianna Romero       DF    90   90   90     270
Bianca Sierra        DF    90   90   90     270
Christina Murillo    DF    90   90   90     270
Natalia Gomez-Junco  MF    90   90   90     270
Olivia Jimenez       MF    90   90   90     270
Tanya Samarzich      FW    83   61   66     210
Chrystal Martinez    FW    81   63   59     203
Ashley Kotero        DF    90   90    0     180
Cecilia Santiago     GK    90    0   90     180
Nayeli Rangel        MF    56   45   54     155
Alejandra Amador     DF     0    0   90      90
Rosa Mérida Medina   GK     0   90    0      90
Yamile Franco        MF     0   45   36      81
Daniela Solis        FW     0   29   24      53
Maria Fernanda Pina  FW     9    0   31      40
Cristina Ferral      DF    34    0    0      34
Andrea Sánchez       FW     0   27    0      27
Briana Lopez         FW     7    0    0       7
Mariel Gutiérrez     DF     0    0    0       0

The top 11 players in this table were starters in the first match against Jamaica. The next 2 names are the only other players to start a group match for Mexico. The remaining players have only been used as substitutes, except for Gutiérrez, who has not seen any minutes on the pitch.

(Minutes do not include stoppage time. Data source:’s box scores.)

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