Site News: New Theme and Customized CSS

In the last couple of days, there has been a few cosmetic changes to this site, namely a new theme (TwentyTwelve), along with customized CSS (Wikipedia) for correcting some annoyances and making some other style tweaks. Additionally, there will probably be some more CSS tweaking in the following days.

If you’re having any issues with the formatting of this site (e.g. odd fonts, odd margins or spacing, etc.), please post a comment below, detailing the issue as well as your basic browsing set-up (e.g., a desktop PC with Windows Vista running the Firefox browser).

About My Regular Daily and Weekly Tweets

At this time, these are the regular kinds of tweets that I plan to post on Twitter.

#ThisDayInHistory: A historical factoid related to women’s soccer, that will usually be about either the USWNT, its youth teams, women’s professional soccer in the USA, or NCAA Women’s Soccer. At this time, these tweets will be sent out at around 8:00 am Eastern (USA) time, Monday through Friday and at around noon eastern on the weekend. Continue reading “About My Regular Daily and Weekly Tweets”

NOTE: New Handle (@WSoccerExpress)

Today, I changed my Twitter handle from @wsoccer_news to @WSoccerExpress.

I also changed my Tumblr subdomain from wsoccer-news to wsoccerexpress. But, since I also have a full domain name, this change is mostly a behind-the-scenes change.

These are “in-place” modifications, which means that you do not need to do anything other than take a mental note of the change. If you were following me before, then you’re still following me. And, if you have me in a list, I am still in that list.

The main reason for the change are (1) to clear up any confusion between me and  @wSoccerNews (; and (2) to use PR speak, to have a more consistent “brand identity” across all platforms.

Regarding confusion with other Twitter accounts, there are two soccer stores with handles @SoccerExpress and @Soccer_Xpress, but I do not think that confusion with those accounts will be that much of an issue as those are general soccer retailers and I am focused on just women’s soccer news. 

This was something I had been mulling over for a couple days, but compared to the name change, there were several additional issues to consider, so I wanted to take my time. Plus, I felt that changing the account’s name and handle at the same time might be more confusing.