NOTE: New Handle (@WSoccerExpress)

Today, I changed my Twitter handle from @wsoccer_news to @WSoccerExpress.

I also changed my Tumblr subdomain from wsoccer-news to wsoccerexpress. But, since I also have a full domain name, this change is mostly a behind-the-scenes change.

These are “in-place” modifications, which means that you do not need to do anything other than take a mental note of the change. If you were following me before, then you’re still following me. And, if you have me in a list, I am still in that list.

The main reason for the change are (1) to clear up any confusion between me and  @wSoccerNews (; and (2) to use PR speak, to have a more consistent “brand identity” across all platforms.

Regarding confusion with other Twitter accounts, there are two soccer stores with handles @SoccerExpress and @Soccer_Xpress, but I do not think that confusion with those accounts will be that much of an issue as those are general soccer retailers and I am focused on just women’s soccer news. 

This was something I had been mulling over for a couple days, but compared to the name change, there were several additional issues to consider, so I wanted to take my time. Plus, I felt that changing the account’s name and handle at the same time might be more confusing.

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