USWNT Neighbor Watch: Mexico, February 2012 (Catch-Up)

In mid-February, the Mexican Women’s National Team traveled to China for the Yongchuan International Women’s Tournament where they played matches against three opponents: China, North Korea, and South Korea, and lost all three matches.

(Note: Mexico’s football federation, Femexfut, does not include detailed box scores in their post-match write-ups. Plus, those write-ups, especially for the women’s matches, tend to be light on the facts, so useful information will sometimes be hard to come by.)

Only a handful of players who had competed in the recent CONCACAF Women’s Olympics Qualifying Tournament made the trip to China. Half of the 18-player roster were U-20 players (born in 1992 or later),  Only four players were 25 years or older: Maribel Dominguez (33.2), Charito Saucedo (28.2), Marlene Sandoval (28.1), and Monica Ocampo (24.8).

Seven of the U-20 players would go onto compete in the just-concluded CONCACAF Women’s Under-20 Championship in Panama: goalkeeper Cecilia Santiago; defenders Christina Murillo, Ariana Martinez, and Olivia Jimenez; midfielders Yamile Franco and Nayeli Rangel; and forward Tanya Samarzich. (Positions listed are their senior national team positions.)  The roster also included two U-20 players who did not travel to Panama: Adrianna Núñez-Alvarado (b. 1993, defender, from Ventura, California) and Lucero Lara (b. 1994, midfielder, from Sulphur, Texas).

In their first two matches, versus China and North Korea, Mexico was held scoreless. In both matches, Mexico only conceded a single goal. In the final match, versus South Korea, Mexico scored twice, but allowed three goals.

Mexico 0, China 1. write-up (Spanish), news article (English).

Mexico 0, North Korea 1. write-up (Spanish).

Mexico 2, South Korea 3. Mexico conceded two early goals (8′, 21′). Monica Ocampo got a goal back in the 23rd minute. However, South Korea added a third goal in the 56th.  Dinora Garza scored with ten minutes left, but Mexico could not get an equalizer. write-up (Spanish), Korea Football Association box score (Korean).^

^This is just a source link as the Femexfut write-up does not include details about substitutions or when the goals were scored.

* * *

Mexico’s Roster (Yongchaun Tournament)

Player                          P.  Hometown           D.O.B 
Erika Vanegas González          GK  Guadalajara, Jal.  07-Jul-1988
A. Cecilia Santiago Cisneros    GK  La Paz, Edo. Mex.  19-Oct-1994
Luz Del Rosario Saucedo Soto    DF  Canatlán, Dgo.     14-Dec-1983
Rubí Marlene Sandoval Nungaray  DF  Los Angeles, Ca.   18-Jan-1984
Marcela Valera Ceballos         DF  Guadalajara, Jal.  12-Apr-1987
Ariana Giselle Martínez Díaz    DF  Pasadena, Ca.      25-Jan-1992
Olivia Jiménez Medina           DF  Novolato, Sin.     26-Feb-1992
Christina Murillo Ruíz          DF  Artesia, Ca.       28-Jan-1993
Adrianna Isabel Núñez Alvarado  DF  Ventura, Ca.       17-Aug-1993
Dinora Lizeth Garza Rodríguez   MF  Reynosa, Tamps.    24-Jan-1988
Verónica Raquel Pérez Murillo   MF  Hayward, Ca.       18-May-1988
Lydia Nayeli Rangel Hernández   MF  Monterrey N.L.     28-Feb-1992
Yamile Azenek Franco Tirado     MF  México, D.F.       07-Jul-1992
Lucero Lara Bañuelos            MF  Sulphur, Tx.       27-Jan-1994
Maribel Domínguez Castelán      FW  México, D.F.       18-Nov-1978 
Monica Ocampo Medina            FW  Cuernavaca, Mor.   04-Jan-1987
Carolina Serna Weigend          FW  Monterrey, N.L.    24-Jan-1989
Tanya Nicole Samarzich Ruiz     FW  West Covina, Ca.   28-Dec-1994

Source: (Spanish)

Table: Minutes Played, Yongchuan Tournament

Player              P.  CHN  PRK  KOR  Total
Cecilia Santiago    GK   90    0   90    180
Erika Vanegas       GK    0   90    0     90
Charito Saucedo     DF   90   90   90    270
Christina Murillo   DF   90   90   90    270
Marlene Sandoval    DF   90   90   90    270
Olivia Jimenez      DF   90   90   90    270
Marcela Valera      DF   90   90   55    235
Ariana Martinez     DF   23   69   89    181
Adrianna Núñez      DF    0    0    0      0
Veronica Perez      MF   90   90   90    270
Dinora Garza        MF   90   21   90    201
Lucero Lara         MF    0   43    0     43
Yamile Franco       MF    0   17    0     17
Nayeli Rangel       MF    0    0    0      0
Maribel Dominguez   FW   90   90   90    270
Monica Ocampo       FW   90   47   90    227
Tanya Samarzich     FW   67   73   35    175
Carolina Serna      FW    0    0    1      1

Sources: For CHN and PRK matches, write-ups. For the KOR match, KFA’s box score was used.

The substitution times for the KOR match are a “best guess” based on my deciphering of KOR’s box score (with the help of Google Translate and comparing other KOR box scores to English box scores for the same matches).

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