USWNT Rival Watch: Brazil’s Player Pool, 2012 Olympics (Detailed)

(Note: Some of the player’s positions have been corrected. The corrections are mostly due to a minor translation error on my part. Also, positions for other players have been updated, based on additional information.)

Last Wednesday, March 14th, the CBF released the names of 33 players who could be called up for Brazil’s Olympic team roster. This list is required to be submitted to the IOC, but I do not think that it is in anyway binding.

Since the CBF website does not maintain biographical pages for its players, I have listed those 33 players below, with details such as height, birthday, position information, plus relevant links to Wikipedia, competition summaries, etc., where available. Also, a quick summary of the list is provided as a table, which includes whether the player was rostered for recent matches, going back to the 2011 Women’s World Cup in Germany.

Also, in that press release, additional details about Brazil’s Olympics preparation were  disclosed: On June 20th, 25 players will be named for a camp that begins July 4th. The team will leave for England on July 20th.

During that final camp, Brazil’s head coach, Jorge Barcellos, will have to finalize the Olympic roster (18 players plus 4 alternates) by midnight July 9th, London time, per FIFA’s tournament regulations (Section 7.6; PDF file), which likely mirror the IOC’s required timeframe.

Note: Kleiton Lima, who was Brazil’s head coach during the 2011 WWC and the 2011 Pan-American Games (Guadalajara, Mexico; October 2011) was ousted in November and replaced by Jorge Barcellos. Barcellos was the head coach of Brazil’s WNT prior to Lima.


The following four players are on the travel roster for the upcoming Canada friendly and the Women’s Kirin Challenge Cup in Japan, but were not at the 2011 Women’s World Cup:

Rafaelle Souza, an outside midfielder (ala) who plays for Ole Miss and who  is just 20 years-old, saw her first international action last December in a friendly tournament, which was the team’s first official matches post-Lima, under Barcellos. Prior to the 2011 WWC, she did attend at least one or two camps, but was not among the final 21 players.

Danielli Pereira da Silva, another outside midielder. According to a news item released by her club team, the Canada/Japan travel roster is her first non-camp call-up.

Maria Aparecida Souza Alves, a U-20 player, has also apparently got her first national team non-camp roster call-up. Maria is a defensive/holding midfielder (volante).

Gabriela Zanotti Demoner is another player with an American connection. She attended NCAA D2 school Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire. Gabriela was one of the last four players cut from the 2011 WWC roster. She had a stress fracture and was not cleared by team doctors. Gabriela has already been capped by the senior WNT prior to the 2011 WWC (photo at from November 2010)

Not included on the list are two players from the 2011 WWC roster: defender Roseane (Roseane Aparecida de O. Souza; b. 7/23/1985) and forward Daniele (Daniele Santos de Paula Batista; b. 4/2/1983). Neither player saw any on-field minutes in Germany.

Back in the mix is the veteran Maycon (who turns 35 at the end of April). Maycon was rostered for the Pan-American Games in October and the Sao Paolo tournament in December (starting in matches at both tournaments), plus the January and February camps, but is not on the Kirin Cup roster. Nor was she in the mix for the 2011 WWC. However, Maycon, who is in the Brazilian Navy,  did compete in the 5th CISM Military World Games, which were held in Brazil and also won by Brazil (pt.Wikipedia), so there may have been a country or country conflict for her. (football matches for the The Military Games began on July 16th, while the WWC ran from June 26th to July 17th.)

[Other roster links (these are mostly for bookmarking purposes): January camp roster (; February camp roster (; March and Early April travel roster for Canada friendly and Kirin Cup (internal link). Also, São Paolo tournament (“Torneio Internacional Cidade São Paulo”) roster ( and Pan-Am Games roster (pt.Wikipedia) (unable to find a nice list at CBF’s site).]

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(1) Many of the players’ moniker are not unique, which can be a source of complication when searching the CBF’s website and the Internet. And, to complicate matters more, write-ups can be inconsistent as to which moniker is used.

(2) Positions are from recent rosters where applicable (see the bunch of links immediate above), otherwise they are sources such as or club team websites. The usual grain-of-salt caution applies. Also, remember that Brazil tends to employ either a 3-5-2 or a 3-4-3 formation.

(3) Links to club bios are only included when (a) they were easy to find or (b) needed as a source, either for details, or to make sure that it was the proper player.

(4) For the “Club Team” item, the team’s name is listed followed by a semi-colon (;”) and then the country where the team is located. For teams in Brazil, their specific Brazilian state is listed inside parentheses.

Adriane (Nenê)

  • Full[er] Name: Adriane dos Santos
  • Date of Birth: July 20, 1988
  • Hometown: Ji-Paraná, RO, Brazil
  • Planaltina, ??, Brazil (there are multiple cities with that name)
  • Height: 164cm
  • Position: Forward
  • Club Team: Foz Cataratas; Brazil (Paraná)
  • Profile: /player=251054/
  • Wikipedia: Adriane_dos_Santos
  • Club Bio: (JPEG only)



  • Full[er] Name: Andréia Suntaque
  • Date of Birth: September 14, 1977
  • Hometown: Nova Cantú, PR, Brazil
  • Height: 172cm
  • Position: Goalkeeper (#1)
  • Club Team: Juventus; Brazil (São Paulo)
  • Profile: /player=39/
  • Wikipedia: Andréia_Suntaque

Bárbara Micheline

  • Full[er] Name: Bárbara Micheline do Monte Barbosa
  • Date of Birth: July 04, 1988
  • Hometown: Recife, PE, Brazil
  • Height: 172cm
  • Position: Goalkeeper (first back-up)
  • Club Team: Foz Cataratas; Brazil (Paraná)
  • Profile: /player=251049/
  • Wikipedia: Bárbara
  • Club Bio: (JPEG only)

Beatriz (Bia)

Bruna (Bruna Benites)

  • Full[er] Name: Bruna Beatriz Benites Soares
  • Date of Birth: 1985
  • Hometown: Cuiabá, MT, Brazil
  • Height: ?  — best guess is 5’6″ (166cm) plus/minus an inch
  • Position: Central defender/ Defensive Midfielder (volante)
  • Club Team: Foz Cataratas; Brazil (Paraná)
  • Club Bio: (JPEG only)


  • Full[er] Name: Cristiane Rozeira de Souza Silva
  • Date of Birth: May 15, 1985
  • Hometown: Osasco, SP, Brazil
  • Height: 168cm
  • Position: Forward
  • Club Team: WFC Rossiyanka; Russia
  • Profile: /player=190362/
  • Wikipedia: Cristiane
  • Club Bio: (#1820)

Daiane (Bagé)

  • Full[er] Name: Daiane Menezes Rodrigues
  • Date of Birth: April 15, 1983
  • Hometown: Bagé, GS, Brazil
  • Height: 173cm
  • Position: Center-back / sweeper (libero)
  • Club Team: São José; Brazil (São Paulo)
  • Profile: /players/player=190350/
  • Wikipedia: Daiane

Daiane Moretti

Daiane Rodrigues

  • Full[er] Name: (not available)
  • Date of Birth: July 22, 1986
  • Hometown: (not available)
  • Height: 163cm
  • Position: defender (unable to find anything more specific; probably a center-back)
  • Club Team: Associação Atlética de Francana; Brazil (São Paulo)
  • Profile: /player=251166/


Debinha (Débora)

  • Full[er] Name: Débora Cristiane de Oliveira
  • Date of Birth: October 20, 1991
  • Hometown: Brazópolis, MG, Brazil
  • Height: 157cm
  • Position: Forward / Midfielder
  • Club Team: Centro Olímpico; Brazil (São Paulo)
  • Profile: /player=322658/


  • Full[er] Name: Elaine Estrella Moura
  • Date of Birth: November 01, 1982
  • Hometown: Salvador, BA, Brazil
  • Height: 168cm
  • Position: Defensive Midfielder (volante) / Outside Midfielder (ala)
  • Club Team: Tyresö FF; Sweden
  • Profile: /player=201416/
  • Wikipedia: Elaine_Estrela_Moura
  • Club Bio: (#16054)


  • Full[er] Name: Érika Cristiano dos Santos
  • Date of Birth: February 04, 1988
  • Hometown: São Paulo, SP, Brazil
  • Height: 173cm
  • Position: Center-back (left, usually) / Defensive Midfielder (volante)
  • Club Team: Centro Olímpico; Brazil (São Paulo)
  • Profile: /player=219139/
  • Wikipedia: Érika
  • Note: Tends to play forward for her club teams


Fabi (Fabiana)

  • Full[er] Name: Fabiana da Silva Simões
  • Date of Birth: August 04, 1989
  • Hometown: Salvador, BA, Brazil
  • Height: 170cm
  • Position: Outside Midfielder (ala), usually on the left
  • Club Team: WFC Rossiyanka; Russia
  • Profile: /player=251053/
  • Wikipedia: Fabiana_da_Silva_Simões
  • Club Bio: (#2474)


  • Full[er] Name: Miraildes Maciel Mota
  • Date of Birth: March 08, 1978
  • Hometown: Salvador, BA, Brazil
  • Height: 162cm
  • Position: Central Midfielder / Attacking Midfielder
  • Club Team: São José; Brazil (São Paulo)
  • Profile: /player=31/
  • Wikipedia: Miraildes_Maciel_Mota

Francielle (Fran)

  • Full[er] Name: Francielle Manoel Alberto
  • Date of Birth: October 18, 1989
  • Hometown: São Paulo, SP, Brazil
  • Height: 160cm
  • Position: Defensive Midfielder (volante) / Central Midfielder
  • Club Team: São José; Brazil (São Paulo)
  • Profile: /player=219097/
  • Wikipedia: Francielle

Francisleide (Chu)

  • Full[er] Name: Francisleide dos Santos Barbosa
  • Date of Birth: February 27, 1990
  • Hometown: São João de Meriti, RJ, Brazil
  • Height: 156cm
  • Position: Forward / Outside Midfielder (ala)
  • Club Team: Centro Olímpico; Brazil (São Paulo)
  • Other Bio:

Gabi (Gabriela)


  • Full[er] Name: Glaucia Suelen Silva Cristiano
  • Date of Birth: January 30, 1993
  • Hometown: São Paulo, SP, Brazil
  • Height: 165cm
  • Position: Forward
  • Club Team: Hyundai Steel Red Angels; South Korea
  • Profile: /player=321167/

Grazielle (Grazi)

  • Full[er] Name: Grazielle Pinheiro Nasciment
  • Date of Birth: March 28, 1981
  • Hometown: Brasilia, DF, Brazil
  • Height: 163cm
  • Position: Forward
  • Club Team: América; Brazil (São Paulo)
  • Profile: /player=33/
  • Wikipedia: Grazielle


  • Full[er] Name: Maria Aparecida Souza Alves
  • Date of Birth: July 07, 1993
  • Hometown: Cristalândia, PI, Brazil
  • Height: 167cm
  • Position: Defensive midfielder (volante)
  • Club Team: Vitória (V.S.A.D.); Brazil (Pernambuco)
  • Club Bio:


  • Full[er] Name: Marta Vieira da Silva
  • Date of Birth: February 19, 1986
  • Hometown: Dois Riachos, AL, BR
  • Height: 163cm
  • Position: Forward
  • Club Team: Tyresö FF; Sweden
  • Profile: players/player=190358/
  • Wikipedia: Marta_(footballer)


  • Full[er] Name: Maurine Dornelles Gonçalves
  • Date of Birth: January 14, 1986
  • Hometown: Rio Grande, RS, Brazil
  • Height: 159cm
  • Position: Outside midfielder (ala) / centerback
  • Club Team: Centro Olímpico; Brazil (São Paulo)
  • Profile: /player=191964/
  • Wikipedia: Maurine_Dornelles_Gonçalves



  • Full[er] Name: Andreia dos Santos
  • Date of Birth: April 30, 1977
  • Hometown: Lages, SC, Brazil
  • Height: 155cm
  • Position: Outside Midfielder (ala)
  • Club Team: Vasco da Gama; Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Profile: /player=29/
  • Wikipedia: Andreia_dos_Santos


Rafaelle (Rafinha)

Renata Costa


  • Full[er] Name: Rosana dos Santos Augusto
  • Date of Birth: July 07, 1982
  • Hometown: São Paulo, SP, Brazil
  • Height: 173cm
  • Position: Attacking Midfielder / Forward / Outside Midfielder (ala)
  • Club Team: Olympique Lyonnais; France
  • Profile: /player=178667/
  • Wikipedia: Rosana_dos_Santos_Augusto
  • Club Bio:

Thaís Picarte

Thaisinha (Thaís Guedes)

TABLE: Brazil’s Player Pool, 2012 Olympics (March 2012)
(For an explanation of the K, S, P, and G columns, see the note after the table.)

Player                    D.O.B.  Ht.   Pos.  K S P G
Adriane (Nenê)        07/20/1988  164     FW
Aline                 06/07/1982  180     CB  K S   G
Andréia               09/14/1977  172   GK-1  K S   G
Bárbara Micheline     07/04/1988  172   GK-2  K S P G
Beatriz (Bia)         12/17/1993  176     MF  K   P G
Bruna (Bruna Benites)       1985    ?  CB/DM
Cristiane             05/15/1985  168     FW  K S   G
Daiane (Bagé)         04/15/1983  173  SW/CB  K S P G
Daiane Moretti        03/13/1988  165     FW
Daiane Rodrigues      07/22/1986  163     DF
Dani                  01/21/1987  166     SM  K
Debinha (Débora)      10/20/1991  157  FW/MF    S P
Elaine                11/01/1982  168  DM/SM    S   G
Érika                 02/04/1988  173  CB/DM  K S   G
Ester                 12/09/1984  168     DM  K S   G
Fabi (Fabiana)        08/04/1989  170     SM  K S   G
Formiga               03/08/1978  162     MF  K S P G
Francielle (Fran)     10/18/1989  160     MF  K S P G
Francisleide (Chu)    02/27/1990  156  FW/SM
Gabi (Gabriela)       02/28/1985  170     MF  K S   *
Glaucia               01/30/1993  165     FW
Grazielle (Grazi)     03/28/1981  163     FW  K S P G
María                 07/07/1993  167     DM  K
Marta                 02/19/1986  163     FW  K S   G
Maurine               01/14/1986  159     SM  K   P G
Mayara                09/04/1987  163     MF
Maycon                04/30/1977  155     SM    S P
Poliana               02/06/1991  172     SM
Rafaelle (Rafinha)    06/18/1991  170     SM  K S
Renata Costa          07/08/1986  171     DM  K S P G
Rosana                07/07/1982  173     SM  K S P G
Thaís Picarte         09/22/1982  181   GK-3      P G
Thaisinha (Thaís G.)  01/20/1993  164     FW  K S P G

Note — Players with a “K,” “S,” “P,” and/or “G” in their row were on the final roster for the following, respectively: “K,” Women’s Kirin Challenge Cup (Japan; upcomingApril 2012); “S,” City of São Paolo International Tournament (“Torneio Internacional Cidade São Paulo;” a four team round-robin with placement matches, December 2012); “P,” 2011 Pan-American Games (October 2011; Guadalajara, Mexico); and “G,” 2011 Women’s World Cup (Germany; June-July 2011).

*Gabriela was in the last camp prior to the announcement of the 2011 WWC roster, but was not medically cleared due to a stress fracture.

/Sweeper (Libero)

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