Americans Abroad: Sarah Hagen, Niki Cross, and Gina Lewandowski All Score in German Cup Semifinals

On Sunday and Monday, three Americans participated in the semifinals of the DFB-Pokal der Frauen, or Women’s German Cup. Each of the three Americans — Gina Lewandowski of FFC Frankfurt plus Sarah Hagen and Niki Cross of FC Bayern Munich — scored key goals and helped their teams advance to the German Cup final, which will be held on May 12th in Cologne at the RheinEnergieStadion.

(Quick match summaries and links to video highlights after the jump.)

FFC FRANKFURT 2, FCR 2001 Duisburg 2 (5:4 PSO).
08: Kerstin Garefrekes (Frankfurt, 1:0).
26: Mandy Islacker (Duisberg, 1:1).
69: Alexandra Popp (Duisberg, 2:1).
80: Gina Lewandowski (Frankfurt, 2:2).

Highlights ( Centerback Gina Lewandowski scored an 80th minute equalizer via a header, off of a Lira Bajramaj corner kick (-4:25 mark in the video).  The match went to extra time and then a penalty shoot-out, which Frankfurt won, 5:4. Extra reading: FFC Frankfurt match report (in German), Box score (, in German).

FC BAYERN MUNICH 5, Hamburger SV 2.
02: Niki Cross (Munich, 1:0).
05: Marie-Louise Bagehorn (Hamburg, 1:1).
07: Niki Cross
(Munich, 2:1).
27: Sarah Hagen (Munich, 3:1).
45: Sarah Hagen (Munich, 4:1).
72: Sarah Hagen (Munich, 5:1).
90: Aferdita Kameraj (Hamburg, 5:2).

Highlights ( Centerback Niki Cross’ first goal came in just the 2nd minute via a corner kick that was headed down toward goal by who else, but Sarah Hagen. Hagen’s header deflected off the outside of Cross’ foot and rolled scampered across the goal line. Based on the replay, it seems likely that the Hamburg goalkeeper would have been able to save the header, had it not deflected off Cross’ boot, so crediting the goal to Cross seems to be the fair.

Three minutes later, 21 year-old Marie-Louise Baghorn tied the match for Hamburg, via a  free kick from the deep left flank. Two minutes after that, Cross scored again. This time it was more intentional as a free kick was served to the far post where one of Cross’ teammates, Carina Wenninger, headed the ball to Cross, who volleyed the ball into the net from inside the six-yard box.

Sarah Hagen’s first goal of the match came in the 27th minute via a header off a pass from Vanessa Bürki. Right before the break, Hagen got her second goal after collecting a shot that rebounded off a Hamburg defender. Hagen’s last goal came in the 72nd minute as she headed in a corner kick.

Hamburg would get a late consolation in stoppage time, thus denying Niki Cross a game-winning goal, with that credit now going to Hagen for her first goal.

Further reading and viewing: FC Bayern Munich match report (in German), photos #1 (, photos #2 (, photos #3 (

FFC Frankfurt and FC Bayern Munich will meet to decide the German Cup on May 12th in Cologne, but before that, on April 25th, the two teams will play a regular season Frauen Bundesliga match in Munich. The April 25th match is the start of a critical three-game stretch for Bayern Munich, as they will play three of the current top four teams in the league (FFC Frankfurt, #4, April 25th; Turbine Potsdam, #1, April 29th; FCR 2001 Duisberg, #3, May 6th). (Current league table, current season’s schedule.)

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