USWNT Olympic Opponent Watch: Colombia – May Camp Details and More

Earlier this month, USWNT group stage opponent Colombia ramped up its preparation for the 2012 Olympics by convening for a month-long training camp. Twenty-two players were called up, including at least eleven players with American connections. Along with a camp roster, Colombia also released details of its schedule ahead of the Olympics. ( news release, in Spanish)

Only thirteen of the twenty-two players were on Colombia’s 2011 Women’s World Cup roster. The most notable absence is the team’s standout attacking midfielder, Yoreli Rincon, who remains with her club, XV de Piracicaba (Brazil). Presumably, Rincon and other key players not at this camp, will join the team closer to the Olympics. So, it is too early to tell if there will be any major shake-ups in the rosters.

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  • May 1-29: Domestic Training Camp
  • June 4-30: Final Domestic Training Camp (may travel to Brazil?)
  • June 27: Friendly versus Brazil (location and time not yet available)
  • June 30: Friendly versus Brazil (location and time not yet available)
  • July: Travel to Europe, More Tune-Up Friendlies (info not yet available)
  • July 19 or 20: Arrive in Glasgow, Scotland

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At least eleven players have American connections, including one player who was in the USWNT youth system, Jessica Hurtado (U-15 to U-17 camps, 2004-2006), who played collegiately at Jacksonville University (2008-2011).

Four players in this camp were on the 2011 Women’s World Cup (WWC) roster and attend or have attended American colleges: team captain Natalia Gaitán (U. of Toledo, 2009-), Oriánica Velásquez (Indiana, 2009-), Tatiana Ariza (Austin Peay, 2010-), and Nataly Arias (Maryland, 2004-2008).

Other players with collegiate connections include Alexis Hermosa (Stetson, 2008-2011), Melissa Ortíz (Lynn U., 2008-2011), Natalia Ariza (Austin Peay, 2010-), Ana María Montoya (U. of Arizona, 2010-), Stefany Castaño Cardozo (Graceland U., NAIA, 2010-), and Chelsea Cabarcas (Stetson, 2010; Iona College, 2011-). Also, goalkeeper Paula Forero Cabrera is on the University of Miami’s roster, but did not play in any matches this year.

At least five of the eleven players were born in the USA, according to their collegiate bios: Hurtado, Hermosa, Ortiz, Montoya,  and Cabarcas.

TABLE: May Camp Roster, Sorted By Position

NAME                     P.    AGE  |  WWC  U-20  U-17  
Sandra Sepúlveda         GK   24.4  |  270               
Paula Forero Cabrera     GK   20.5  |        450    90   
Stefany Castaño Cardozo  GK   18.5  |              180  
Kelis Peduzine           DF   29.3  |  270              
Fátima Montaño           DF   27.8  |  180              
Nataly Arias             DF   26.3  |  270              
Natalia Gaitán           DF   21.3  |  270   450   270  
Natalia Ariza            DF   21.4  |        360    90  
Carmen Rodallega         MF   29.0  |  270              
Yulieth Domínguez        MF   18.9  |  204   331        
Daniela Montoya          MF   21.9  |  155   271        
Ana María Montoya        MF   20.8  |        193    29  
Jessica Hurtado          MF   23.5  |                   
Alexis Hermosa          M/D   21.5  |                   
Chelsea Cabarcas         MF   20.2  |                   
Katerin Castro           FW   20.7  |  209   132        
Oriánica Velásquez       FW   23.0  |  127              
Catalina Usme            FW   22.6  |  112              
Lady Andrade             FW   20.5  |   90   435        
Tatiana Ariza            FW   21.4  |    0   349   270  
Melissa Ortíz            FW   22.5  |        101        
Kena Romero              ??     ??  |

The right side of the table lists the minutes played in FIFA tournaments, namely the 2011 Women’s World Cup (WWC), the 2010 U-20 WWC, and the 2008 U-17 WWC. A “0” means that the player was rostered but did not play, while blanks denote that the player was not on the tournament roster.

Positions are primarily from rosters on FIFA website. Otherwise, they come from collegiate team bio pages.

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