U-17 USWNT: USA-Panama Preview Notes (CONCACAF WU-17)

This afternoon, the United States Under-17 Women’s National Team takes on Panama for the first ticket from CONCACAF to the Under-17 Women’s World Cup in Azerbaijan, later this year. Unlike last time, three spots are available, so this is not a do-or-die encounter.


Kick-Off: 3:30 pm EDT (1:30 pm local time)


Referee: Dianne Ferreira-James of Guyana will be the referee. (CONCACAF.com) She has been an international referee since 1999, and two of her more notable matches include the 2002 Under-19 Women’s World Cup final between the USA and Canada and the 2004 Olympic Gold Medal match between the USA and Brazil where she was the fourth official, but was given the whistle by an injured Jenny Palmqvist shortly before the end of regulation  (de.Wikipedia).

Extra Time and Penalty Shoot-out: According to the official regulations (PDF), if, at the end of regulation, the match ends with both teams even on goals, then thirty minutes of extra time will be played. If the match is still tied, then a penalty shoot-out will be held.

Also worth noting is that last year, FIFA voted to eliminate extra time at all U-17 tournaments, both men’s and women’s (PDF). However, that decision appears to only affect FIFA tournaments.

Weather: Temperatures will be just above 80°F at kick-off. There is a chance for rain and thunderstorms. Wind should be minimal (5 MPH or less). (Weather Underground)

* * *


Roster Changes: In a US Soccer podcast interview, Montoya has indicated that three or four players who have yet to start may be in the starting line-up.

Previous Matches: USA 10, Bahamas 0; USA 5, Trinidad & Tobago 0; USA 3, Mexico 0.

Playing Time: Eighteen of the twenty players have seen minutes so far, with centerback Lizzie Raben and back-up ‘keeper Cassie Miller being the only players to not get onto the pitch. Eight players have more than 240 minutes minutes of action (out of 270).

TABLE: United States U-17 WNT Playing Time, So Far

NAME                P.   BAH  TRI  MEX  TOTAL
Jane Campbell       GK    90   90   90    270
Cassie Miller       GK                      0
Maddie Bauer        CB    90   90   90    270
Mandy Freeman       CB    90   90   90    270
Lizzy Raben         CB                      0
Gabbi Miranda       FB    90   90   90    270
Brittany Basinger   FB    90   73   90    253
Morgan Reid         FB         17          17
Morgan Andrews      MF    90   90   90    270
Sarah Robinson      MF    90   90   68    248
Morgan Stanton      MF    45   79   17    141
Lauren Kaskie       MF    45        56    101
Joanna Boyles       MF         11   34     45
Summer Green        FW    71   90   90    251
Margaret Purce      FW    90        90    180
Emily Bruder        FW    45   90         135
Andi Sullivan       FW    45   66         111
Amber Munerlyn      FW              83     83
Toni Payne          FW    19        22     41
Darian Jenkins      FW         24          24

* * *


Scoring Threats: Marta Cox and Karla Riley. Both can score from distance and Cox has a rocket foot, as shown in her only goal at this year’s U-20 Championship.

Goalkeeping: Karen Chavarria is a relatively short and not that athletic ‘keeper, so her effective blocking range is not that great. Her punts and goal kicks are on the lower end of the spectrum, both in terms of distance and accuracy, which limits Panama’s ability to clear the ball out of its own half.

U-20 WNT Veterans: Eight players from Panama’s 2012 U-20 WNT are on this team, including five who played in the match versus the U-20 USWNT (a 6:0 win for the USA). Those five were defenders Astrid Diaz and Katherine Gonzalez, midfielder Yanis Sanjur, and forwards Marta Cox and Karla Riley. Marta Cox picked up a red card in the semifinal match versus Canada for intentionally kicking a Canadian player when both were on the turf.

Fitness Issues: Panama’s final group match versus Jamaica looked to be in slow motion. At the end of the match, most of the players on both sides collapsed to the pitch in exhaustion. Panama does have an extra day’s rest advantage.

Previous Matches:

Panama 0, Canada 6:

Panama 1, Jamaica 1:

Panama 7, Guatemala 1:

* * *

TABLE: Panama U-17 WNT Playing Time, So Far

PLAYER              P.   CAN  GUA  JAM  TOTAL
Karen Chavarria     GK    90   90   90    270
Yerenis De Leon^    DF    90   90   90    270
Astrid Diaz*        DF    90   90   90    270
Yomira Sanford^     DF    75   90   90    255
Astrid Gonzalez     DF    33   90   90    213
Yanis Sanjur*       MF    90   75   90    255
Laurie Batista      MF    90   90   90    270
Yerenis Franco      MF    90   90   89    269
Marta Cox*          FW    67   90   90    247
Karla Riley*        FW    90   88   86    264
================ Could Start ================
Kenia Rangel        MF    90   26   45    161
Yaniska Garcia^     MF         64   45    109
Katherine Castillo  DF    57         4     61
=============== Probable Subs ===============
Génesis Samuels     MF    23    2          25
Schiandra Gonzalez  DF         15    1     16
Katherine Gonzalez* DF    15               15
Meybin Saavedra     MF                      0
Nicole Medianero    DF                      0
Joselin Quintero    GK                      0
Karla De La Rosa    MF                      0

Notes: Players with asterisks (*) or carats (^) by their names were on Panama’s U-20 WNT. Those with asterisks (*) played against the United States in that tournament.

Panama’s most probable line-up is the first group of ten players plus either Rangel or Garcia.

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