Olympics: Brazil’s June Training Camp Roster

Earlier today, Jorge Barcellos announced Brazil’s June training camp roster (CBF.com.br). From the 25 players called into the camp, 18 will make the official Olympic roster, while up to 4 will be included as alternates. The official roster should be announced at the end of June.

During the camp, which runs from June 4th to the 29th, Brazil will play Colombia in two friendlies, according to Colombia’s FA (see this post), but the full details of those matches are not yet known.

Brazil was drawn into Group E, along with host Great Britain, New Zealand, and Cameroon.

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The camp roster contains no real surprises as every player was in the preliminary roster announced earlier and all the veterans on that list were included in this camp. The youngest player on the roster is U-20 forward Thaís Guedes who will likely make the Olympic roster. None of the other U-20 players on that preliminary roster were called into camp.

In Brazil’s news item, the players were only listed alphabetically, but in the accompanying video, Barcellos announced the players by position. The order of the players below is how Barcellos read off the names. (Except that the fullbacks were announced before the centerbacks.)

Andreia – Andreia Suntaque
Bárbara – Bárbara Micheline do Monte Barbosa
Thaís Picarte – Thaís Ribeiro Picarte

Aline – Aline Pellegrino
Daiane – Bagé – Daiane Menezes Rodrigues
Érika  – Érika Cristiano dos Santos
Tânia Maranhão – Tânia Maria Pereira Ribeiro
Bruna – Bruna Beatriz Benites Soares

Maurine – Maurine Dornelles Gonçalves
Fabiana – Fabiana da Silva Simões
Maycon – Andreia dos Santos
Dani – Danielli Pereira da Silva

Defensive Midfielders:
Ester – Ester Aparecida dos Santos
Francielle – Francielle Manoel Alberto
Elaine – Elaine Estrella Moura
Renata Costa – Renata Aparecida da Costa

Rosana – Rosana dos Santos Augusto
Formiga – Miraildes Maciel Mota
Gabriela – Gabriela Maria Zanotti Demoner (Franklin Pierce U. alum)
Rafaelle – Rafaelle Leone Carvalho Souza (currently plays for Ole Miss)

Cristiane – Cristiane Rozeira de Souza Silva
Marta – Marta Vieira da Silva
Thaís G. – Thaís Guedes – Thaisinha – Thaís Duarte Guedes
Débora – Debinha – Débora Cristiane de Oliveira
Grazielle – Grazi – Grazielle Pinheiro Nasciment

For basic profiles of these players, see this earlier post: Brazil’s Player Pool, 2012 Olympics (Detailed).

Note: Positions listed in that post are based on a 3-4-3 (or 3-4-1-2, depending on one’s preference), and not a 4-4-2 formation, which Barcellos switched to, earlier this year.


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