U-20 USWNT: More on the June Trip to Japan (Courtesy of the JFA)

The details of the United States U-20 WNT’s trip to Japan have yet to be publicly released by US Soccer, but the Japan Football Association has released the full details of two friendlies between Japan’s U-20 WNT and the USA’s U-20 WNT, along with their camp roster.

And, there is some potential good news for USA fans: At least one of the team’s matches will be streamed live on JFA-TV, although the kick-off will be at 2:00 a.m. EDT on a weekday. The other match will air on Fuji-TV in Japan, at least in the Tokyo and Osaka areas. In any case, there should be a good chance that online highlights will be available, whether official or not.

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Sunday, June 17th: Public Friendly, USA vs Japan
Venue: Osaka Nagai Stadium (attendance is free)
Kick-Off: 1:05 p.m. local time. (12:05 a.m. EDT)
TV: Fuji-TV, live (Kansai and Kanto regions, e.g., Osaka & Tokyo)
Streaming: Unknown
For more  information: JFA (in Japanese)

Wednesday, June 20th: Friendly, USA vs Japan
Venue:  Soccer National Training Center, Sakai (Osaka Prefecture)
Kick-Off: 3:00 p.m. local time (2:00 a.m. EDT)
Streaming: Live on JFA-TV, per this JFA page (Japanese)
{Edit: Here’s the direct link – www.jfa.or.jp/jfatv/live/)

I am unaware of any geo-blocking issues with JFA-TV (in fact a Google search of “JFA-TV” plus “geo-blocking”, brings up nothing), although buffering might be an issue for those with lower broadband speeds. There is also a ustream channel which could be an option (www.ustream.tv/channel/jfatv).

For more about the training center in Sakai, which is a very nice and apparently new facility, see: jgreen-sakai.jp, www.ofa-dreamcamp.jp, interactive panorama tour.

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The dates of their training camp are from June 14th to the 21st (Thursday to Thursday).

Twenty-two players were called, including three goalkeepers. Notable players not included in the roster are Mana Iwabuchi (NTV Beleza), who will probably be with the senior WNT in Sweden and Mai Kyokawa (INAC Kobe) who suffered “multiple knee injuries” earlier this month (Mainichi.jp, English). Kyokawa, who led Japan in goals scored during qualifying last year will be out of action for at least six months, meaning that she will not be competing at the U-20 WWC this August.

TABLE 1:  Japan U-20 WNT  Camp Roster
(Height and Weight are in inches and pounds, respectively. Names are in traditional Japanese format, with the surname first.)

PLAYER            P.   HT.    WT.      D.O.B.  CLUB
IKEDA Sakiko      GK  66.1  127.9  09/08/1992  Urawa Reds Ladies
MURAOKA Megumi    GK  66.5  132.3  07/22/1993  FC Vitoria (Japan)
MOCHIZUKI Arisa   GK  67.3  147.7  04/15/1994  NTV Menina/Beleza
SAKAMOTO Riho     DF  63.8  112.4  07/07/1992  Urawa Reds Ladies
KINOSHITA Shiori  DF  65.0  119.0  08/17/1992  NTV Beleza
NAKAMURA Yushika  DF  61.0  112.4  08/21/1992  Kanto Gakuen Univ.
HAMADA Haruka     DF  68.1  134.5  01/26/1993  Speranza FC Osaka
TAKAGI Hikari     DF  65.0  123.5  05/21/1993  Waseda University
WADA Naoko        DF  62.2  112.4  05/24/1993  Urawa Reds Ladies
MURAMATSU Tomoko  DF  63.4  110.2  10/23/1994  NTV Beleza
FUJITA Nozomi     MF  59.8  110.2  02/21/1992  Urawa Reds Ladies
SHIBATA Hanae     MF  60.2   94.8  07/27/1992  Urawa Reds Ladies
KAWASHIMA Haruna  MF  61.4  101.4  04/12/1993  n/a
TANAKA Yoko       MF  61.8  103.6  07/30/1993  INAC Kobe Leonessa
NAKADA Ayu        MF  63.4  121.3  08/15/1993  INAC Kobe Leonessa
KATO Chika        MF  59.8  105.8  02/28/1994  Urawa Reds Ladies
NAOMOTO Hikaru    MF  61.8  110.2  03/03/1994  Urawa Reds Ladies
NAKASATO Yu       MF  57.9   88.2  07/14/1994  NTV Beleza
NISHIKAWA Asuka   FW  65.4  127.9  04/22/1992  FC Takahashi... U.
YOKOYAMA Kumi     FW  61.0  110.2  08/13/1993  Okayama Yunogo Belle
TANAKA Mina       FW  63.4  114.6  04/28/1994  NTV Beleza
MICHIGAMI Ayaka   FW  66.9  143.3  07/27/1994  Tokiwagi Gakuen HS

Of the above 22, everyone except Ikeda (GK),  Kinoshita (DF),  Muramatsu (DF), Nakasato (MF), Nishikawa (FW), Tanaka (FW), and Michigami (FW) were with the team at the 2011 AFC U-19 Women’s Championship (roster, the-afc.com).

In late March and early April, the team traveled to France and played a French WNT “B” side twice, where they won the first match 3:0 (goals: Kyokawa, Kato, Michigami), but lost the second match 1:2 (goal: Nakada). The team also played French club FCF Juvicy, with whom they drew 2:2 (goals: Michigami, Takano). (brief JFA  news item, English)

All but Muraoka (GK), Sakamoto (DF), Fujita (MF), Muramatsu (MF), and Michigami (FW) traveled to France for those test matches (roster, JFA). Muramatsu was originally called up, but did not go due to a minor injury (JFA news item).

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Sources: Japanese write-up (with vital stats for the players in English), English write-up (useful for club information, due to Google Translate issues).

Also, here is the team page for Japan’s U-20 WNT on the JFA website (in Japanese, of course).

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