U-20 USWNT: Live Stream Info for Second USA-Japan Friendly

Tonight, at 2:oo a.m. EDT, the Japan Football Association is scheduled to stream live a friendly between their Under-20 Women’s National Team and the United States U-20 WNT at the following URL: http://www.jfa.or.jp/jfatv/live/.

This is the two team’s second meeting this week. The USA will be looking to avenge an 0:1 loss from Sunday.

(For technical caveats, more details, and links to the team’s rosters, continue reading…)

Type: In-Camp Friendly
Home Team: Japan (U-20 WNT)
Away Team: United States (U-20 WNT)
Venue: J-Green Dream Camp (Sakai, Japan; Osaka area)
Time: 1500 Japan Summer Time (2:00 a.m. EDT)

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Geo-Blocking Possibility: Hopefully the match will be available to viewers in the States, but that cannot be guaranteed. JFA TV streamed live the draw for the U-20 WWC and that feed was viewable here in the USA.   Edit: The boy’s match is not blocked, so this should not be a concern.

Possible Buffering Issue: I have not tried to view a live stream from JFA TV before, so I am uncertain of the bitrate (the amount of data that is downloaded per second while the video is streamed). Those with broadband connections above 5.0 Mbit/s should be safe, but those under 2.0 Mbit/s may have trouble viewing the video if the bitrate is fixed at a high quality setting and is not adjustable.  Edit: The live stream works fine on a 1.0 Mbit/s connection, so buffering should not be an issue for most people. (Tip: Make sure any antivirus software or any other program that automatically download updates are temporarily disabled.)

Tip: Test the Live Stream at Least a Half-Hour Before the Match — Immediately prior to the USA-Japan match, Japan’s U-16 MNT will also have a scrimmage that will be streamed at the same URL, starting at midnight.

Edit: The stream of the boy’s match is having audio issues, so there may not be any sound, or the audio could be very screwed up (static, digital hiss, etc.).

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Also, video files of the first friendly, on June 17th, are available here (match is split into four separate files).

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Edit: A screenshot of the JFA-TV Live page with live stream (click to see full-size):

The default video size is 640×360.

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