U-20 WWC: Germany’s Semi-Official Tournament Roster (USA Group Opponent)

[Edit – July 30: The write-up portion of this post does not reflect the replacement of goalkeeper Lisa Schmitz with fellow ‘keeper Meike Kämper and Clara Schöne with Katharina Leiding.]

On Tuesday, the DFB released Germany’s semi-official roster for this year’s Under-20 Women’s World Cup in Japan. As expected, the roster includes German Women’s National Team midfielder Dzenifer Marozsan, whose first call-up during this cycle was for the just-concluded training camp. Among the players nominated by head coach Maren Meinert are six other players who, prior to the recent Norway friendly, were uncapped this cycle. Four of those players, all midfielders, were brought up from Germany’s current U-19 WNT, which failed to make the final stage of this year’s UEFA Women’s U-19 Championship. One of the other two previously uncapped players is defender Sophie Howard, who will be attending the University of Central Florida this fall.

Germany and the United States are both in Group D of this year’s U-20 WWC. The two squads will meet in their final group match on August 27th, which kicks off at 3:00 am EDT, and will be televised live on ESPN2 and streamed live on ESPN3.com.

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Source Links: HTML format (DFB.de, in German); PDF version (in German).

DFB.de also has an accompanying write-up (in German), which does not provide any useful new information.

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Goalkeepers (3):
Benkarth, Laura (SC Freiburg)
Preuß, Anke (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim)
Schmitz, Lisa (Bayer Leverkusen)
Meike Kämper (FCR 2001 Duisberg)

Update – July 29: Schmitz, the team’s primary back-up ‘keeper, is out due to a meniscus injury that was discovered recently. (Bayer Leverkusen website, Framba.de article – both in German) Kämper’s name quietly replaced Schmitz’s on the roster up on dfb.de sometime this week.

Defenders (6):
Cramer, Jennifer (1. FFC Turbine Potsdam)
Howard, Sophie (University of Central Florida)
Maier, Leonie (SC 07 Bad Neuenahr)
Schöne, Clara (FC Bayern München)
Simon, Carolin (VfL Wolfsburg)
Wensing, Luisa (VfL Wolfsburg)
Katharina Leiding (SG Essen-Schönebeck)

Update – July 30: Schöne suffered a fracture in an ankle bone during a pre-season match with her club, Bayern Munich, and has been replaced by Katharina Leiding. (DFB.de, in German)

Midfielders (8):
Chojnowski, Silvana (1. FFC Frankfurt)
Hegenauer, Anja Maike (SC Freiburg)
Heinze, Karoline (FF USV Jena)
Hendrich, Kathrin-Julia (Bayer 04 Leverkusen)
Jäger, Annabel (VfL Wolfsburg)
Leupolz, Melanie (SC Freiburg)
Magull, Lina (VfL Wolfsburg)
Pyko, Marie (SC 07 Bad Neuenahr)

Forwards (4):
Lotzen, Lena (FC Bayern München)
Marozsan, Dzenifer (1. FFC Frankfurt)
Petzelberger, Ramona (Bayer 04 Leverkusen)
Rolser, Nicole (SC 07 Bad Neuenahr)

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Players With German WNT Experience: Leading this group is midfielder/forward DZENIFER MAROZSAN, who has 7 caps and 3 goals with the senior WNT (DFB.de). Two other players, forward/midfielder LENA LOTZEN (3 caps) and centerback LUISA WENSING (2 caps) got their first senior international caps this year at the Algarve Cup.

Players With Prior U-20 WWC Experience: Only DZENIFER MAROZSAN, who played in five matches at the 2010 U-20 WWC, which was hosted and won by Germany. In her 439 minutes of action, Marozsan had 1 goal and 3 assists (FIFA.com). Ramona Petzelberger had been likely to make the 2010 U-20 WWC roster, but that was made impossible by an injury.

Latecomers This Cycle: Besides the ‘veteran’ Marozsan, six players were uncapped this cycle prior to the last friendly. Two of those players, defender SOPHIE HOWARD (incoming University of Central Florida freshman) and midfielder SILVANA CHOJNOWSKI (FFC Frankfurt) did not even feature in this year’s U-19 WNT, which is also coached by Maren Meinert.

The other four players, all midfielders, were members of this year’s U-19 WNT: MELANIE LEUPOLZ (SC Freiburg), LINA MAGULL (VfL Wolfsburg), Annabel Jäger (VfL Wolfsburg), and KAROLINE HEINZE (FF USV Jena). Leupolz, who was also used as a forward by the U-19 WNT, and Magull, both scored goals for the U-19 WNT.  All four players had earned 5 U-19 caps in the past year (2 friendlies, 3 tournament matches).

The Last Three Players Cut: For the most recent camp, 24 players were called in. Of the three players not on Germany’s U-20 WWC roster, the most notable one is midfielder Isabella Schmid, not just because she will be attending Florida State University this fall, but also because she is the most experienced player of the three cut, having played in every match of the 2011 qualifying tournament, and starting all but one of them.

The other two players are forward Ivana Rudelic and defender Katharina Leiding. Rudelic, who has 2 goals this cycle, would likely be on the roster, had Marozsan not been called up. Leiding, another late call-up from the U-19 WNT, who has a 1994 birthday, and would thus be eligible for the 2014 U-20 WWC in Canada.

Other Notable Players Cut (Earlier): Three players with U-20 caps this calendar year were cut after the June camp. Those three (all defenders): Laura Störzel (3 caps), Laura Vetterlein (4 caps), and Sandra Wiegand (3 caps). Also, Forward/midfielder Eunice Beckmann, who scored 3 goals during qualifying, was last on a roster this cycle for the friendlies at La Manga, Spain.

Players Unavailable Due to Injuries: As noted in an earlier post, starting centerback Johanna Elsig and back-up centerback Kristin Demann are both not available due to torn ACLs, which happened in late May and early April, respectively.

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The roster on DFB’s website only list U-20 WNT caps and goals, which provides a quite incomplete statistical picture, as Germany’s U-20 WNT only exists during the years when a U-20 WWC is being held. For the players in the mix this U-20 cycle, the majority of their matches were played last year for their U-19 WNT.

The below table provides total caps and goals for the players during the current U-20 cycle, which is defined as beginning after the last U-20 WWC roster. Since that tournament, Germany played 1 “U-19” friendly in late 2010 (technically all the players were U-18), 2 U-19 friendlies plus 8 UEFA Women’s U-19 Championship matches in 2011, and 5 U-20 friendlies in 2012, which adds up to 16 total matches. (DFB.de lists of 2010/11 U-19 matches, 2012 U-20 matches.)

In addition, a handful of players come from this year’s U-19 WNT, which failed to qualify for the final stage of this years UEFA Women’s U-19 Championship, and had no U-20 cycle caps prior to the recent Norway friendly. The below table also includes U-19 WNT stats for this year’s cycle, which began in late 2010 and included just 5 matches  (2 friendlies, 3 tournament matches). (DFB.de list of 2011/12 U-19 matches.)

TABLE #1: Germany’s U-20 WWC Roster, By Position, With Cycle Stats

PLAYER                   P.  D.O.B.      C_U20 G_U20 C_U19 G_U19
Benkarth, Laura          GK  10/14/1992      9     0
Preuß, Anke              GK  09/22/1992      1     0
Schmitz, Lisa            GK  05/04/1992      6     0
Cramer, Jennifer         DF  02/24/1993     12     0     4     3
Howard, Sophie           DF  09/17/1993      1     0
Maier, Leonie            DF  09/29/1992     15     2
Schöne, Clara            DF  07/06/1993      4     0     4     0
Simon, Carolin           DF  11/24/1992     11     3
Wensing, Luisa           DF  02/08/1993     11     2
Chojnowski, Silvana      MF  04/17/1994      1     0
Hegenauer, Anja Maike    MF  12/09/1992     14     2
Heinze, Karoline         MF  10/15/1993      1     0     5     0
Hendrich, Kathrin-Julia  MF  04/06/1992     16     0
Jäger, Annabel           MF  01/06/1994      1     0     5     0
Leupolz, Melanie         MF  04/14/1994      1     0     5     1
Magull, Lina             MF  08/15/1994      1     1     5     1
Pyko, Marie              MF  08/08/1993      9     2
Lotzen, Lena             FW  09/11/1993     14     7
Marozsan, Dzenifer       FW  04/18/1992      1     2
Petzelberger, Ramona     FW  11/13/1992     15     5
Rolser, Nicole           FW  02/07/1992     12     2

“C_U20” – Caps Earned During the Current U-20 Cycle*
“G_U20” – Goals Scored During the Current U-20 Cycle*
“C_U19” – Caps Earned During the Current U-19 Cycle.^
“G_U19” – Goals Scored During the Current U-19 Cycle.^

*See the second paragraph in this section for details on the “Current U-20 Cycle.”
^See the last paragraph in this section for details on the “Current U-19 Cycle.”  Only players born in 1993 or 1994 would be eligible for this year’s U-19 WNT.

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Germany will hold one final domestic training camp in early August, from the 1st to the 5th. On the final day, August 5th, Germany will play Sweden’s U-23 WNT.

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