The Under-17 Women’s World Cup Begins September 22nd: All Matches Will Be Streamed Via ESPN3

The 2012 Under-17 Women’s World Cup kicks off on Saturday, September 22nd. Every match of the group stage, along with all of the knock-out matches will be streamed online via ESPN3 on WatchESPN. The United States is in Group B and will face France, Gambia, and North Korea. Also participating are Canada, who are in Group A, and Mexico, who are in Group C.

All of the group matches are listed on WatchESPN, however, the schedule for October is not yet posted on that site, so the remaining matches, which are all knock-out games, are not listed there. But, on ESPN’s PR website, ESPN Media Zone, their searchable schedule does show all of the matches.

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TIP: For those in other time zones than Eastern, the schedule on FIFA’s website, which can list the kick-off times for a user’s local time, may be useful.

The start times listed below are 12 minutes before kick-off. In other words, all kick-offs are on the following hour. E.g., if the listed start time is 5:48 a.m., then the kick-off is at 6:00 a.m.

Asterisks following certain group matches denote stand-out and marquee matches, with four asterisks denoting the top group match.

Saturday, September 22nd
09/22	 3:48 AM EDT	Korea DPR vs. Gambia (Group B)
09/22	 5:48 AM EDT	France vs. UNITED STATES (Group B)****
09/22	 7:48 AM EDT	Nigeria vs. Canada (Group A)**
09/22	10:48 AM EDT	Azerbaijan vs. Colombia (Group A)	

Sunday, September 23rd
09/23	 5:48 AM EDT	Mexico vs. New Zealand (Group C)
09/23	 5:48 AM EDT	Ghana vs. Germany (Group D)
09/23	 8:48 AM EDT	Uruguay vs. China (Group D)
09/23	 8:48 AM EDT	Brazil vs. Japan (Group C)**

Tuesday, September 25th
09/25	 4:48 AM EDT	Colombia vs. Canada (Group A)
09/25	 4:48 AM EDT	France vs. Korea DPR (Group B)***
09/25	 7:48 AM EDT	Azerbaijan vs. Nigeria (Group A)
09/25	 7:48 AM EDT	UNITED STATES vs. Gambia (Group B)

Wednesday, September 26th
09/26	 7:48 AM EDT	Uruguay vs. Ghana (Group D)
09/26	 7:48 AM EDT	Mexico vs. Brazil (Group C)**
09/26	10:48 AM EDT	China vs. Germany (Group D)**
09/26	10:48 AM EDT	New Zealand vs. Japan (Group C)

Saturday, September 29th
09/29	 7:48 AM EDT	UNITED STATES vs. Korea DPR (Group B)***
09/29	 7:48 AM EDT	Gambia vs. France (Group B)
09/29	10:48 AM EDT	Colombia vs. Nigeria (Group A)
09/29	10:48 AM EDT	Canada vs. Azerbaijan (Group A)

Sunday, September 30th
09/30	 4:48 AM EDT	Japan vs. Mexico (Group C)
09/30	 4:48 AM EDT	New Zealand vs. Brazil (Group C)
09/30	 7:48 AM EDT	Germany vs. Uruguay (Group D)
09/30	 7:48 AM EDT	China vs. Ghana (Group D)

Thursday, October 4th
10/04	 7:48 AM EDT	Quarterfinal #1 (1st-B vs. 2nd-A)
10/04	10:48 AM EDT	Quarterfinal #2 (1st-A vs. 2nd-B)

Friday, October 5th
10/05	 7:48 AM EDT	Quarterfinal #3 (1st-D vs. 2nd-C)
10/05	10:48 AM EDT	Quarterfinal #4 (1st-C vs. 2nd-D)

Tuesday, October 9th
10/09	 7:48 AM EDT	Semifinal #1 (winners of QF #2 and QF #4)
10/09	10:48 AM EDT	Semifinal #2 (winners of QF #1 and QF #3)

Saturday, October 13th
10/13	 7:48 AM EDT	Third Place Match
10/13	10:48 AM EDT	Final

Regarding the knock-out matches, there will be no extra time. If a match is tied at the end of regulation, the teams will go straight to a penalty shoot-out. This was a change implemented by FIFA in 2011 for all U-17 and younger tournaments conducted by FIFA, and applies to men’s tournaments as well.

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