Official Announcement on New Women’s Professional Soccer League Scheduled For Wednesday

Multiple professional soccer journalists have confirmed via Twitter (e.g. Grant Wahl, Jack Bell, Jeffrey Carlisle, Jeff Kassouf) that a conference call on a new women’s professional soccer league has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 21st. The call is apparently scheduled for 1:00 p.m. ET (per @liviubird). Representatives from U.S. Soccer, Canada Soccer (CSA), and the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) will all be on the call. The nature of Canada’s and Mexico’s federations involvement in this new league remains unclear.

A brief round-up of other notes regarding this proposed new league is included after the jump.

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The Kansas City Franchise — This franchise appears to be headed by Brian Budzinski, owner of the Major Indoor Soccer League team Missouri Comets, who play their home matches in Independence, Missouri, which is part of the Kansas City Metropolitan Statistical Area (Wikipedia)..  Last weekend, Jeff Kassouf of Equalizer Soccer confirmed that Kansas Sporting City was not involved in the potential Kansas City franchise. On Tuesday, eagle-eyed Twitter users noticed some curious tweets from Budzinski (@kcsoccerdome), which  tease that Budzinski “Just landed in Chicago for ‘League’ meetings” on Tuesday morning and for people to “look for an announcement tomorrow” regarding a change in the “Kansas City soccer landscape.”  Here’s a YouTube interview of Budzinski from 2011 (poor sound quality).

It Takes Two To Dance — On Tuesday, Jeff Kassouf reported that a potential franchise in Los Angeles, that would have been jointly headed by the LA Strikers and Pali Blues has not been given the go ahead for 2013 due to the lack of another franchise in the area, such as in San Diego or the San Francisco area, which would help mitigate economic issues, namely travel costs.

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