News of Note: December 10, 2012 – USWNT/China Highlights, Christine Sinclair wins Canada’s Lou Marsh Trophy, U.S. Soccer Applies to Trademark ‘USWNT’ and ‘USMNT’

News of Note: Video highlights of the December 8th USWNT/China match… Christine Sinclair wins the 2012 Lou Marsh Trophy… U.S. Soccer has applied to trademark “USWNT” and “USMNT”… Brazil defeats Portugal 4:0… Denmark blanks Mexico 5:0.

And there was video highlights: Sunday night, U.S. Soccer posted to its YouTube channel highlights of the December 8th match between the United States Women’s National Team and China’s WNT, although the quality is not that great:

Christine Sinclair wins the 2012 Lou Marsh Trophy: On Monday, Canada WNT captain Christine Sinclair was named the winner (Toronto Star) of the 2012 Lou Marsh Trophy (Wikipedia), which is given to Canada’s best athlete, male or female, as voted on by a select group of Canadian sports journalists. This is the first time that the awarded, which has been given to the likes of Wayne Gretsky (hockey, 4-time winner), Mario Lemieux (hockey), and Steve Nash (basketball), has been awarded to a soccer player, male or female. The Marsh Trophy is the latest accolade for the Olympic Bronze Medalist, who was also the top vote-getter is’s fan voting for the CBC’s Canadian Athlete of the Year award ( as well as being named Air Canada’s inaugural Athlete of the Year (

U.S. Soccer has applied to trademark “USWNT” and “USMNT” — On December 5th, U.S. Soccer filed trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the acronyms “USWNT” and “USMNT” for use on apparel such as T-shirts, jackets, sweaters, and hats. (Combined screenshot of the entries from the USPTO’s online trademark database, TESS).  So, we could see U.S. Soccer selling such items in the next year or so, as well as the federation clamping down on unauthorized uses of the acronym marks.  Edit: U.S. Soccer is already selling some “USWNT” items, such as this hashtag #USWNT T-shirt, so this registration seems to be more for the latter purpose of limiting unauthorized merchandise. — For more on the federal trademark process, see the “Basic Facts” brochure from the USPTO (PDF format).

City of São Paulo International Tournament: Brazil 4, Portugal 0: Brazil, in their first match under new head coach Márcio de Oliveira, cruised past Portugal via a score of 4:0, with goals by Cristiane (8′), Fabiana (36′), Marta (47′), and Giovania (80′). Brazil used a four-back formation that would best be described as a 4-4-2 narrow diamond. Brazil’s starting line-up was Andreia in goal; with Fabiana, Aline, Daiane, and Andressa Silva on the back line; then Erika as the volante (defensive midfielder), with Rosana, Francielle, and Marta in the midfield; plus Cristiane and Debora up top as forwards. ( match report in English).

Prior to the tournament’s start, centerback Gislaine and goalkeeper Danielle had to pull out due to injuries. They were replaced by Andreia Rosa (Centro Olympico) and Thais Helena (São José EC), respectively (, in Portuguese).

City of São Paulo International Tournament: Denmark 5, Mexico 0: Mexico, who has not played any friendlies since February, gave up a penalty in the fifth minute when defender Kenti Robles was called for handling when blocking a shot on goal with her upper arm. That penalty was converted and Mexico conceded another goal less than two minutes later. Denmark added two more goals in the first half, at the 20′ and 31′ mark, and then scored their final goal in the second half at the 63′ mark. This was apparently the first senior Mexico WNT cap for Santa Clara sophmore Sofia Huerta. Mexico went with their traditional 4-4-2 formation, starting Santiago in goal; Robles, Ruiz, Garciamendez, and Solis in defense; Garza, Rangel, Perez, and Ocampo in the midfield, and Dominguez plus  Huerta as forwards. See Also: FMF write-up (in Spanish), DBU write-up (in Danish), DBU box-score (in Danish).


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