Olympics: Notes on the Latest FIFA Women’s World Rankings

On June 1st, the latest FIFA Women’s World Rankings were released. While there were no major shake-ups, the most notable rankings movement was by Brazil, whose series of losses to Canada, the USA, and Japan, caused them to drop 33 points and fall from fourth place to fifth place, behind Sweden. Meanwhile, the United States remains in the number one spot and was able to extend its points lead over Germany and the other top teams.

Among the teams in the Olympic tournament, the biggest mover was South Africa who jumped from 65th to 61st overall. Fellow African team Cameroon gained two spots and is now 50th overall. New Zealand, who moved up one spot, to 23rd overall, is the only other London-bound squad to have a change in ranking.

The tournament groups, with each team’s overall ranking and position change in parentheses:

  • Group E (21.75 avg): Brazil (WWR #5, -1), Great Britain (WWR #9, +0), New Zealand (WWR #23, +1), Cameroon (WWR #50, +2)
  • Group F (18.75 avg): Japan (WWR #3, +0), Sweden (WWR #4, +1), Canada (WWR #7, +0), South Africa (WWR #61, +4)
  • Group G (10.75 avg): USA (WWR #1, +0), France (WWR #6, +0), North Korea (WWR #8, +0), Colombia (WWR #28, +0)

The rankings will next be released on August 17th. As those rankings will take into account Olympic tournament matches as well as tune-up matches in June and July, a significant shake-up in the top ten spots is definitely possible.

* * *

Points Earned Per Match, For Selected Teams

On FIFA.com, there is a summary rankings page for each association’s senior teams, men’s and women’s, which shows the points earned for each match since the previous rankings were released. For an example, see the USA’s page for the USWNT.

Here are the point results for the top five teams, plus the other active team in the USA’s group, France (#6). The remaining two teams in the group, North Korea and Colombia, did not play any friendlies or official matches since the previous rankings update in March.

USA (#1, Points: 2166 to 2178)
Japan (away): 1:1 draw, +2 points
Brazil (neutral): 3:0 win, +10 points
China (home): 4:1 win, +0 points

Germany (#2, Points: 2163 to 2168)
Spain (home): 5:0 win, +2 points (Euro qualifier)
Switzerland (away): 6:0 win, +3 points (Euro qualifier)
[Not yet included — Romania (home): 5:0 win (Euro qualifier)]

Japan (#3, Points: 2114 to 2120)
USA (home): 1:1 draw, -2 points
Brazil (home): 4:1 win, +8 points

Sweden (#4, Points: 2057 to 2066)
Canada (home): 3:1 win, +5 points
Scotland (away): 4:1 win, +4 points

Brazil (#5, Points: 2093 to 2060)
Canada (neutral): 1:2 loss, -15 points
USA (neutral): 0:3 loss, -10 points
Japan (away): 1:4 loss, -8 points

France (#6, Points: 2020 to 2021)
Scotland (home), 2:0 win +1 point (Euro qualifier)
Wales (home): 4:0 win, +0 points (Euro qualifier)

* * *

For the full rankings table, see www.fifa.com/worldranking/rankingtable/women/.

Also, for an official explanation of the rankings procedure, see this FIFA factsheet (PDF).

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