U-17 USWNT: June Camp Roster – 26 Called In

On Monday, US Soccer released the roster for the U-17 USWNT’s June camp, which runs from June 9th to the 16th. Twenty-six players were called in, including all twenty from CONCACAF qualifying. The only new face is midfielder Jaye Boissiere of the MVLA Lightning ( Los Altos Hills, California). With this camp, the U-17s turn their focus to the Under-17 Women’s World Cup, which they qualified for last month.

Roster Notes — Two additional goalkeepers were called in: Morgan Stearns (McLean SC; 2013 verbal commit to U. of Virginia) and Claire Wheatley (Solar Chelsea; Plano, Texas; 2013 verbal commit to U. of Illinois). These two players will most likely be fighting for the third goalkeeper spot, which is required under FIFA’s rules for the U-17 Women’s World Cup.

One extra defender was called up, Claire Wagner (Chelsea Ladies; Cary, NC; verbal commit to Clemson). The other two non-new field players — Arielle Ship and Gabrielle Matulich — were both in the last pre-qualifying camp, which was held in April.

Other Notes: The news item did not give that many details regarding the camp. It is not known whether the U-17s will be scrimmaging any other teams, such as from the W-League or WPSL. (Edit: A probably back-dated news item for an on-going U-18 USWNT camp notes that the U-18s will scrimmage the U-17s on “May 10” which has to mean June 10th.)

However, it did mention that there is only one more domestic training camp, along with a possible overseas trip.

After this camp, the next big date for the U-17s is July 6th, which is when the draw for the Under-17 Women’s World Cup will be held.

* * *


Details are omitted for the players that traveled to Guatemala. Also, certain players were moved to different position categories to better reflect the positions where they are primarily used.

Goalkeepers (4):
Jane Campbell
Cassie Miller
Morgan Stearns (McLean SC; Burke, Va.)
Claire Wheatley (Solar Chelsea, Plano, Texas)

Defenders (7):
Brittany Basinger
Maddie Bauer
Mandy Freeman
Gabbi Miranda
Lizzy Raben
Morgan Reid
Claire Wagner (CASL; Cary, N.C.)

Midfielders (8):
Morgan Andrews
Jaye Boissiere (MVLA Lightning; Los Altos Hills, Calif.)
Joanna Boyles
Summer Green
Sarah Robinson
Arielle Ship (Real So Cal; Thousand Oaks, Calif.)
Morgan Stanton
Lauren Kaskie

Forwards (7):
Emily Bruder
Darian Jenkins
Gabrielle Matulich (MVLA Lightning; Los Gatos, Calif.)
Amber Munerlyn
Toni Payne
Midge Purce
Andi Sullivan

* * *

More on Jaye Boissiere: She just finished her sophomore year of high school and either has a 1996 or 1995 birthday (leaning toward 1996). Boissiere is on the same club team as Sarah Robinson and Gabrielle Matulich, which is coached by Albertin Montoya’s wife, Erin (Martinez) Montoya.

Boissiere had only been called up twice before: She attended a “U-15” camp in February and participated in a 2010 U-14 ID camp.

Interview with Boissiere (on the left) and another high school teammate:

Edit: As noted in the comments, Boissiere has verbally committed to Stanford. Here’s a quote from her high school’s website (May 2012)

Stanford commit Jaye Boissiere helped lead the varsity soccer team to their first league championship since 1991. With “great technical ball skills, a high soccer IQ, and a joy playing the game, she has all the technical, physical, and mental qualities of a great athlete,” said soccer coach Donoson Fitzgerald.

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