Olympics: Recent Matches Involving Qualified Teams (Updated, 21-July)

Here is a list of friendlies and other international matches involving Olympics-bound women’s soccer teams, for the two months leading up to the start of the Olympic women’s soccer tournament. This post is intended as an “FYI.” After the final tune-up matches on the 20th, a more proper write-up is planned.

This post will be updated as more matches are completed.

If you know of any international matches that are not listed, whether official, friendly, or closed-door, please post that information in a comment. Matches not involving two senior women’s national teams (e.g., scrimmages against club teams) are beyond the scope of this post.

Update Notes:
–July 12th: Added African Women Championship qualifiers for RSA and CMR.
–July 15th: North Korea will play a closed-door match versus Wales on the 19th.
–July 15th: The USWNT played Norway in a closed-door match.

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–CAPITALIZED TEAM NAMES denote Olympics-bound squads.
–All matches are “official” friendlies, unless otherwise noted.
–England is included as a proxy for Great Britain.

See Also: FA write-up (with line-ups), Twitter PBP (via theFA.com), SvFF write-up.

July 19th: NORTH KOREA 4, Wales 2. (closed-door, but official?)
PRK Goals: Choe Young Sim (22′), Kim Un Hyang (26′ FK), Ri Ye Gyong (55′), Kim Myong Gum (86′).
See Also: Wales FA write-up (with starting line-ups).
Remarks: Wales scored first (12′). The match was held behind closed doors, but this may have been an ‘old school’ closed-door international friendly.

July 19th: FRANCE 2, JAPAN 0.
FRA Goals: Delie (24′), Renard (73′).
See Also: FFF.fr film du match, FFF.fr highlight video, JFA write-up (in Japanese), JFA write-up (in English).

July 17th: BRAZIL 2, CANADA 1.
BRA Goals: Formiga (44′), Grazielle (90+4′).
CAN Goal: Sinclair (90+3′).
See Also: CanadaSoccer write-up, CBF write-up.
Remarks: Again, no Cristiane or Erika for Brazil.

NZL Goals: Hearn (45+1′), Smith (45+3′).
COL Goal: Salazar (86′).
See Also: NZFootball.co.nz match report, ColFutbol.org write-up.
Remarks: Again, no ColFutbol.org write-up. Yoreli Rincon started the match and played all 90 minutes.

July 15th: UNITED STATES 2, Norway 0. (Closed-Door)
USA Goals: Cheney (37′), Morgan 83′ (PK).
See Also: NFF match report (in Norwegian), Alex Morgan’s Twitter (for goal-scorers), Studio 90 video (brief shots of the match, including Cheney’s goal at 2:52 mark).
Remarks: Morgan suffered the PK foul.

July 15th: GREAT BRITAIN 3, SOUTH AFRICA 1. (Closed-Door)
GBR Goals:  Little, Yankey, Carney (PK).
RSA Goal: n/a.
See Also: FAWSL Twitter (for GBR goal-scorers).

July 15th: CAMEROON 0, Scotland 2.
See Also: Scottish FA match report (no CMR line-up); SCO fan write-up (SWFitba.co.uk); CMR FA write-up.
Remarks: The “bizarre” own goal was scored after a Scotland forward fouled a Cameroon player just outside Cameroon’s 18-yard box. Somehow the ball went into the goal, apparently directly off the free kick by Ariane Bebey Beyene, although the fan write-up notes an “attempted clearance” and an earlier Scottish FA tweet assigns the own goal to a misdirected header by defender Nchout. Although, at half-time, another Scottish FA tweet assigned the own goal to Beyene. And, the CMR write-up describes the own goal as bad back-pass to the goalkeeper by Beyene.

July 14th: BRAZIL 2, COLOMBIA 1.
BRA Goals: Rosana (28′), Formiga (65′).
COL Goal: Velásquez (52′).
See Also: CBF write-up.
Remarks: Brazil does seem to have returned to a 3-back formation. No Cristiane or Erika for the second straight tune-up match (the previous one was a scrimmage versus a local club squad). Both appear to be healthy, so this seems tactical, not injury-related. Unsure of whether Rincon played, but it appears that she did not.

July 14th: CANADA 2, NEW ZEALAND 0.
CAN Goals:  Matheson (30′), Sinclair (48′).
See Also: NZFootball.co.nz write-up/box-score; CanadaSoccer write-up.
Remarks: Fan favorite Ali Riley (NZL fullback) had to be stretchered-off around the 75th minute as she was the victim of a nasty tackle by CAN’s Robyn Gayle. Riley apparently has some sort of ankle injury, which will be reassessed Sunday morning (July 15th). But, it looks really bad on the video, so Riley could be out for months. — Update July 15th: According to her Twitter, Riley walked a little today, seems optimistic, so this could just be a twisted ankle, rather than something more serious.

July 11th: FRANCE 3, Russia 0.
FRA Goals: Thiney (11′), Delie (22′, 41′).
See Also: FFF.fr match-tracker, FFF.fr highlight video.
Remarks: An apparent sell-out, 10,000 fans and change.

July 11th: JAPAN 3, Australia 0.
JPN Goals: Miyama (26′ PK), Ogimi/Nagasato (45+1′), Sawa (58′).
Remarks: Japan’s send-off match. Attendance was just over 22,000. JPN had 15 shots and 14 corner kicks to AUS’ 5 shots and 2 corners.
See Also: JFA English write-up, AUS write-up, screenshot of match stats, starting line-ups sheet (photo).

July 9th: CANADA 1, COLOMBIA 0.
CAN Goal: Sinclair (1st half).
See Also: CanadaSoccer brief write-up, ColFutbol.org write-up, with COL’s line-up, Line-ups via @CanadaSoccerEN’s Twitter: Colombia, Canada.
Remarks: COL’s Yoreli Rincon did not play in this match. She injured the little toe of her left foot in club practice sometime in the middle of June. The injury should heal completely in time for the opening match of the Olympics.

July 8th: CAMEROON 2, Northern Ireland 0.
CMR Goals: Enganamouit (~13′), Aboudi Onguene (~90′).
See Also: Cameroon FA’s brief write-up (for goal scorers), Twitter.com/rxpell (scroll back to July 8th, used for goal times).

July 4th: FRANCE 6, Romania 0.
FRA Goals: Thomis (22′), Le Sommer (29′, 41′), Necib (33′), Franco (62′), Catala (68′).
See Also: FFF.fr match-tracker, FFF.fr highlight video.

USA Goals: Own goal (15′), Rodriguez (85′).
CAN Goal: Tancredi (57′).
See Also: USSoccer.com match report, CanadaSoccer.com match report, U.S. Soccer highlight video (YouTube).
Remarks: Alex Morgan was subbed out just after half-time due to what now appears to be just a slight knee injury.

June 27th: NEW ZEALAND 0, Australia 2.
See Also: NZFootball.co.nz match report.

June 24th: NEW ZEALAND 1, Australia 1.
NZL Goal: Morwood (50′).
See Also: NZFootball.co.nz match report.
Remarks: AUS goal was a stoppage time equalizer (90+3′). This was NZL’s first non-loss versus Australia in 18 years.

June 23rd: SOUTH AFRICA 0, Nigeria 0.
See Also: SAFA write-up.

June 21st: ENGLAND 4, Slovenia 0. (EURO QUALIFIER)
ENG Goals: Scott (29′, 43′), Carney (54′), R. Williams (85′).
See Also: UEFA.com match report.
Remarks: All three goal-scorers are on the GBR roster.

June 20th: JAPAN 1, SWEDEN 0.
JPN Goal: Nagasato/Ogimi (27′).
See Also: SvFF match report.

June 20th: NEW ZEALAND 1, China 0.
NZL Goal: Hearn (9′).
See Also: NZFootball.co.nz match report.

June 18th: UNITED STATES 4, JAPAN 1.
USA Goals: Morgan (3′, 61′), Wambach (10′, 90+2′).
JPN Goal: Nagasato/Ogimi (28′).
See Also: USSoccer.com match report, U.S. Soccer highlights (YouTube).

June 17th: ENGLAND* 1, Netherlands 0. (EURO QUALIFIER)
ENG Goal: Yankey (67′).
See Also: UEFA.com match report.
Remarks: Yankey is on the GBR roster.

June 17th: CAMEROON 1, Ghana 1 (9:8 PSO). (African Women’s Champ. Qualifier)
CMR Goal: Manie (88′ PK).
See Also: CMR FA write-up.
Remarks: Second leg. Ghana scored first (28′).

June 17th: NEW ZEALAND 3, China 1.
NZL Goals: Moorwood (9′), Gregorius (28′), Hearn (77′).
See Also: NZFootball.co.nz match report.
Remarks: This was NZL’s first-ever win against China.

USA Goals: Wambach (8′), Morgan (22′), Heath (56′).
SWE Goal: Schelin (35′).
See Also: USSoccer.com match report, U.S. Soccer highlights (YouTube).

June 16th: SOUTH AFRICA 2, Zambia 1. (African Women’s Championship qualifier)
RSA Goals: Modise (18′, 47′).
See Also: SAFA write-up

June 12th: NORTH KOREA 5, Romania 1.
PRK Goals: Ri Ye Gyong (23′, 59′, 61′), Choe Mi Gyong (26′), Yun Song Mi (70′).
See Also: Romania FA match write-up.

June 10th: NORTH KOREA 4, Romania 2.
PRK Goals: Ri Ye Gyong (6′, 9′),  Kim A Hyang (11′), Kim Myong Gum (49′).
See Also: Romania FA match write-up.
Remarks: Romania scored first (5th minute).

June 9th: NORTH KOREA 2, Belgium 2.
PRK Goals: Kim Jong Hui (62′, 74′).
See Also: Belgian FA match report, Belgian FA box score.
Remarks: Belgium equalized twice (73′, 87′). Box score has PRK line-up with subs and cards.

June 5th: NORTH KOREA 0, Netherlands 2.
See Also: quick post noting the scoreline for this match and the closed-door one).

June 3rd: SOUTH AFRICA 1,  Nigeria 1.
Goal: Modise (78′).
See Also: SAFA write-up.
Remarks: Nigeria scored first (17′).

June 2nd: NORTH KOREA 2, Belgium 1.
PRK Goals: Kim Un Hwa (29′), Kim Un Hyang (42′).
See Also: Belgian FA match report, Belgian FA box score.
Remarks: Box score has PRK line-up, but no subs info.

June 1st: NORTH KOREA 1, Netherlands 4. (Closed-Door)
See Also: the above link.

May 30th: CANADA 1, China 0.
Goal: Sinclair (90+4′).
See Also: CanadaSoccer match report (YouTube highlight video is embedded).

May 28th: NORTH KOREA 3, Slovakia 1.
PRK Goals: Kim Un Ju (41′), Yun Hyon Hi (80′ PK?, 90′).
See Also: Slovak FA match report.
Remarks: Slovak’s match report has PRK’s starting line-up.

May 27th: UNITED STATES 4, China 1.
USA Goals: Morgan (34′, 50′), Own Goal  (36′), Wambach (83′).
See Also: USSoccer.com match report, U.S. Soccer highlights (YouTube).
Remarks: CHN scored first (22′).

May 26th: SWEDEN 4, Scotland 1.
SWE Goals: Schelin (13′, 25′), Jakobsson (52′, 67′).
See Also: SvFF match report.

May 26th: SOUTH AFRICA 4, Zambia 1. (African Women’s Championship qualifier)
RSA Goals: Matlou (47′), Mollo (63′, ??’), Own Goal (71′).
See Also: SAFA write-up.
Remarks: Zambia’s starting goalkeeper was subbed-out at the 20′ mark and the back-up was subbed-out around the 75′ mark. Mollo’s second goal was scored against the third goalkeeper, a temporarily-converted midfielder, sometime during the last 15 minutes of the match.

May 26th: CAMEROON 1, Ghana 1. (African Women’s Championship qualifier)
CMR Goal: Adrienne (65′).
See Also: CAFOnline.com write-up.
Remarks: Ghana equalized in the 75th minute via a free kick shot.

May 23rd: UNITED STATES 3, China 0. (Closed-Door)
USA Goals: Wambach (9′), O’Reilly (75′), Morgan (87′).
See Also: USWNT blog write-up, U.S. Soccer highlight video (YouTube).

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  • July 11th: CAMEROON vs. COLOMBIA. (Apparently, another prematurely announced match by Colombia’s FA)
  • July 11th: CAMEROON vs. SOUTH AFRICA. (Cancelled, safa.net)
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