Olympics: Quarterfinal Matches Round-Up

A slightly belated listing of the quarterfinal results. NBCOlympics.com highlights are available for all four matches. Plus, shot plots for the United States vs. New Zealand match… Continue reading “Olympics: Quarterfinal Matches Round-Up”

Olympics: Friday’s Schedule – Quarterfinals

Friday’s Schedule, With NBC “Live Extra” Links

(all times EDT)
7:00 a.m. – Sweden vs. France (Glasgow)
9:30 a.m. – United States vs. New Zealand (Newcastle)
12:00 p.m. – Brazil vs. Japan (Cardiff)
2:30 p.m. – Great Britain vs. Canada (Coventry)

Matches will air on NBC Sports Network and NBC’s Specialty Olympic Soccer Channel.

Also: NBCSN Simulcast (August 3).

For quick previews of the quarterfinals, see the rest of this post… Continue reading “Olympics: Friday’s Schedule – Quarterfinals”

Olympics: Round-Up of Group Matches on July 31st Plus Notes

Again, the vital statistics, with group tables. Plus the knock-out stage schedule…

(note: some sources are not yet available, post will be updated) Continue reading “Olympics: Round-Up of Group Matches on July 31st Plus Notes”

Olympics: Preview Notes – Great Britain (Group E)

WAIT, “GREAT BRITAIN?” — In FIFA there is no “Great Britain,” as each of Great Britain’s four constituent countries, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, all have their separate federations. But, with London being the host city, and its country’s Olympic team being Great Britain, not England, the home team could only compete under the Union Jack, not St. George’s Cross. And, due to the fact that none of the four confederations really like the idea of unitary Great Britain soccer teams, these teams are the soccer equivalent of a shotgun wedding that gets annulled in a month and is never spoken about again. Continue reading “Olympics: Preview Notes – Great Britain (Group E)”

Olympics: Recent Matches Involving Qualified Teams (Updated, 21-July)

Here is a list of friendlies and other international matches involving Olympics-bound women’s soccer teams, for the two months leading up to the start of the Olympic women’s soccer tournament. This post is intended as an “FYI.” After the final tune-up matches on the 20th, a more proper write-up is planned.

This post will be updated as more matches are completed.

If you know of any international matches that are not listed, whether official, friendly, or closed-door, please post that information in a comment. Matches not involving two senior women’s national teams (e.g., scrimmages against club teams) are beyond the scope of this post. Continue reading “Olympics: Recent Matches Involving Qualified Teams (Updated, 21-July)”

Olympics: Team Great Britain Announces its WNT Roster

On Tuesday, the Olympic women’s soccer squad for Team Great Britain was announced by its coach, Hope Powell (TheFA.com; Google cache version). Sixteen of the eighteen official players hail from England. The remaining two are both Scottish: midfielder Kim Little and defender Ifeoma Dieke. Two of the reserve players are non-English: goalkeeper Emma Higgins of Northern Ireland and forward Jane Ross of Scotland. Of the sixteen English players on the primary roster, only one was not in Germany for the 2011 Women’s World Cup: midfielder Rachel Williams, who is a veteran of the 2008 Under-20 Women’s World Cup. Continue reading “Olympics: Team Great Britain Announces its WNT Roster”

Olympics: Women’s Soccer Tournament Groups, With Schedule

The draw for the soccer tournaments at the 2012 London Olympics was held earlier today. The groups are as follows:

Group E: Great Britain (E1), New Zealand (E2), Cameroon (E3), Brazil (E4)
Group F: Japan (F1), Canada (F2), Sweden (F3), South Africa (F4)
Group G: USA (G1), France (G2), Colombia (G3), North Korea (G4)

For the USA, this means that they will play France first, then Colombia, and finally North Korea.

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Women’s Olympic Soccer: Tournament Draw Procedure Announced

Earlier today, FIFA posted the draw procedure for the soccer tournaments at the 2012 Olympics. On the women’s side, there are no real surprises, as the draw procedure echoes the structure of the 2008 draw procedures. Continue reading “Women’s Olympic Soccer: Tournament Draw Procedure Announced”

Women’s Olympic Soccer: 2012 Draw Hypotheticals

(Update, 24-April-2012: The 2012 draw procedure has been announced. The procedure is as predicted, so the specific hypotheticals discussed in this post are valid. Skip down to the section entitled “The Possible Scenarios…” to avoid the now unnecessary-to-read sections regarding the methodology for predicting the draw procedure.)

The draw to determine the groups for the women’s soccer tournament at the London 2012 Olympics will be held on Sunday, April 24th at Wembley Stadium. Although the women’s field has been finalized, the draw procedure has yet to be released,  which is not out of the ordinary.* In the absence of an actual draw procedure, the next best thing is to figure out the most likely procedure. And, the past draw procedures for the Olympics provide a good roadmap for doing just that.

(Edit: Forgot to add a link to the 2008 draw procedure (PDF), which was in the “Past Draw Procedures” section, which I removed to a separate post.)

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Women’s Olympic Soccer: 2012 Draw, List of Hypothetical Scenarios

Note: This post is part of my main post on predicting the 2012 Women’s Olympic Soccer Tournament draw, where I review the 2008 tournament’s draw and use that as a model for predicting the seeding for this year’s draw.

In the first section, below, I list all the possible scenarios, based on the predicted seeding. After that section, there is a separate list of all the potential groupings, organized by group, which is useful for comparing and reviewing all the potential group scenarios for one of the seeded teams.

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