UEFA Women’s Euro 2021 Reference Guide (August 2019)

Qualification for the UEFA Women’s Euro 2021 kicked off today (August 29th).  To help interested fans keep track of all 200 matches that will be played by the 47 teams involved, I created a downloadable and printable reference guide, which summarizes all the teams (current rankings, performance in past Women’s Euros, performance in recent qualifying), as well as lists all matches (by group) and summarizes the matches for each day matches will be played.

The 21-page PDF file can be downloaded via this link:
UEFA Women’s Euro 2021 Group Qualification Stage Reference Guide (PDF, 1.72MB)

And, here’s a thumbnail preview of all the pages in the document:

If you have any comments or suggestions, you can contact me via the methods mentioned in the guide (email or via @’ing me on Twitter at @WSoccerExpress) or via a comment below.

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