U-20 USWNT: 2019 Nike International Friendlies – Match Day 2 Recap

On Wednesday, the Under-20 United States Women’s National Team, in split squads, faced the U-20 WNTs of France and Brazil as part of the 2019 Nike International Friendlies, losing both matches.

In this article:

  • Embedded full-match replay videos (YouTube)
  • Highlights of the USA’s goals
  • USA’s starting line-ups (with shirt numbers)
  • USA’s starting formations (corrected)
  • USA’s substitutions (updated)
  • Detailed scoring summaries

For details on the USA’s known roster for this camp, see:  U-20 USWNT: Roster For 2019 Nike International Friendlies – A Detailed Look.

USA Blue 2, Brazil 4:  In the second match of the day, the USA’s “Blue” Team, which primarily  consisted of the available first-choice players, fell behind Brazil 0:3 in the first half, but scored twice in the opening ten minutes of the second half, off quality goals from Summer Yates and Jenna Nighswonger, to narrow the deficit to just one goal.  However, Brazil added a fourth goal several minutes later, via a headed-in corner kick.  The USA earned a penalty kick in the final moments of the match, but Jenna Nighswonger’s attempt was stopped by Brazil’s goalkeeper, Nicole.

USA Red 0, France 2:  In the earlier match, France dominated the possession, with the USA’s “Red” Team only managing a few good opportunities, mostly on counter-attacks.  After a scoreless first half, France’s Kessya Bussy pounced on a over-hit pass from Smith Hunter to get the game-winner in the 53rd minute for the visitors.  A few minutes later, following an eight-pass sequence, midfielder Adeline Coquard, one-timed a grounder for France’s insurance goal.

External Roster Links:

Brazil used one USA-based player in the “Blue” team match, Carmel Oliveira  (#15, subbed in at the 80th minute) from the University of North Florida (profile, tweet).  A second USA-based player is also on their roster:  Luana Grabias of NJCAA school Monroe College (profile).  Luana came off the bench in Brazil’s earlier match versus France.

BLUE vs. BRAZIL (Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. EST)

BLUE Starting Line-up vs. Brazil (source tweet), numerical order:
1:  Julia Dohle (GK)
2:  Jenna Nighswonger
3:  Shae Holmes
4:  Emily Mason
5:  Natalia Staude
6:  Astrid Wheeler
7:  Alexa Spaanstra (Captain)
9:  Trinity Rodman
10:  Summer Yates
14:  Bria Schrotenboer
17:  Rebecca Jarrett

Starting Formation (4-3-3) (corrected*):

Mason – Schrotenboer – Staude – Holmes
Wheeler (“6”)
Spaanstra – Nighswonger
Rodman – Yates – Jarrett

*originally had Nighswonger and Yates reversed

USA Substitutions:
59′ – Talia DellaPeruta (#11) for Wheeler
63′ – Diana Ordonez (#15) for Yates

Scoring Summary:

  • 28′ – BRA (0:1) – Jacqueline – Off a corner kick, two-touch volley from outside the box
  • 37′ – BRA (0:2) – Marta Cintra (#9) – Tight shot parallel to the end line, from just outside the six-yard box.  Dohle tried to stop the ball, but it deflected into the goal.
  • 44′ – BRA (0:3) – Jacqueline – Bad first touch by Wheeler, compounded with a bad pass by Wheeler.  Jacqueline pounced on ball, short dribble, quick shot.
  • 49′ – USA (1:3) – Yates – One-time left-footed volley from outside the box, driven over goalkeeper, off the underside of the crossbar (see highlight tweet, below)
  • 54′ – USA (2:3) – Nighswonger – She forced a turnover, deflecting the ball to Spaanstra.  On the return pass, Nighswonger unleashed a hard drive from the left side of the box.  (see highlight tweet, below)
  • 56′ – BRA (2:4) – Duda – Classic power header off of a corner kick

In the final minutes of stoppage time, the USA earned a penalty kick after Brazil’s #4 crashed her shoulder into the back of DellaPeruta (90’+5).  Nighswonger took the spot kick, but her shot was too close to the keeper, who dived to the correct side and made the save.

For Brazil’s starting line-up, see their write-up for this match.

* * *

BLUE vs. Brazil (full match)

RED vs. FRANCE (Wednesday, 3:30 p.m. EST)

RED Starting Line-up vs. France (source tweet), numerical order:
22:  Angelina Anderson (GK) (Captain)
4:  Smith Hunter
5:  Cassandra Hiatt
8:  Dilary Heredia Beltran
10:  Sakura Yoshida
11:  Zoe Hasenauer
14:  Quincy McMahon
19:  Anna Podojil
20:  Katelyn Duong
21:  Samantha Kroeger
23:  Sydny Nasello

Starting Formation (4-3-3*): 

McMahon – Hiatt – Hunter – Kroeger
Duong (“6”)
Hasenauer (“8”) – Yoshida (“10”)
Heredia-Beltran – Podojil – Nasello

*The U.S. Soccer match report lists the formation as a 4-4-2, with Yoshida as a forward.  Tomato, toemahto.

USA Substitutions: 
46′ – Lia Godfrey (#13) for Hasenauer**
63′ – Sally Menti (#2) for Nasello
72′ – Avery Lockwood (#6) for Yoshida
72′ – Catherine Barry (#15) for McMahon

Unused substitutes, per the U.S. Soccer match report:  Isabel Cox (forward), Meagan McClelland (goalkeeper)

**The U.S. Soccer match report incorrectly lists Godfrey as a substitution for Heredia-Beltran.

For the France line-up, see the FFF.fr match summary.

Scoring Summary:

  • 53′ – FRA (0:1) – Bussy – After a goal kick, Hunter over-hit a parallel pass too hard, beyond Anderson.  Bussy pounced on the loose ball
  • 57′ – FRA (0:2) – Coquard – She capped off an eight-pass sequence following a long Anderson kick, one-timing a grounder after making a deep run

* * *

Due to technical difficulties in the first half, this match had three separate live feeds.

RED vs. France – Part 1 (pre-match to 2′)

RED vs. France – Part 2 (2′ to 15′)

RED vs. France – Part 3 (16′ to end)

BONUS:  Monday’s France–Brazil match (from Match Day 1)
(1:0 victory for France – FFF.fr match summary with line-ups)

France vs. Brazil (09-Dec-2019) (full match)

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