U-20 USWNT: 2019 Nike International Friendlies – Match Day 3 Recap

On Friday, the Under-20 United States Women’s National Team, in split squads, played their final matches of the 2019 Nike International Friendlies, with the “Red” Team earning a nil-nil draw against Brazil, while the “Blue” Team, which primarily consisted of the available first-choice players, capped off the event with a 2:1 victory over France.  The performances of both USA teams were much improved from their losses on Wednesday.

In this article:

  • Embedded full-match replay videos (YouTube)
  • Highlights of the USA’s goals
  • USA’s starting line-ups (with shirt numbers)
  • USA’s starting formations
  • USA’s substitutions
  • Detailed scoring summaries

For details on the USA’s known roster for this camp, see:  U-20 USWNT: Roster For 2019 Nike International Friendlies – A Detailed Look.

BLUE vs. France (Friday, 6:30 p.m. EST)

USA Blue 2, France 1:  The United States had a number of decent chances in the first 20 minutes, including a potential fast break by Summer Yates in the 15th minute after center back Bria Schrotenboer sent a hard ground pass beyond the backline of France, which was collected by Yates.  In the box,  France’s goalkeeper, a diving Marie Petiteau, was able to get her gloves on the ball, breaking up the play.  In the next minute, Jenna Nighswonger had a close-range shot saved by Petiteau for a corner kick, after a high-pressure turnover situation.

The USA’s first goal came off a poorly defended Trinity Rodman throw-in, deep in France’s end.  Rodman’s throw-in bounced through the legs of Yates and her boxed-out defender, allowing an attentive Alexa Spaanstra to pounce on the ball at the top of the six-yard box.

In first-half stoppage time, Spaanstra had a chance for her second goal of the match after a poor French pass was collected by Yates, who found an on-rushing Spaanstra, but after a few dribbles, Spaanstra sent her rising shot over her diving defender and the crossbar.

The eventual game-winning goal came a moment later, when Nighswonger’s corner kick bounced in the box to an open Emily Mason, whose half-whiff redirected the ball into the path of Rodman, who unleashed a low line drive from close range.

Rodman also had her chance for a second goal, in the 52nd minute, on a fast break from the left flank after a Spaanstra pass. Rodman tried to nutmeg France’s substitute goalkeeper, Alice Pinguet, but hit Pinguet’s right foot.

While France had a handful of solid chances over the 90 minutes, their first best chance came in the 52nd minute, when an open French forward volleyed a shot from less than ten yards out, but shanked it, sending the ball rolling out over the left sideline.

France’s consolation goal came in the 77th minute, after Spaanstra, under pressure, lost her balance, allowing a French defender to claim the ball and pass it up to PSG U-19 forward Vicki Becho, who maneuvered and struck a hard grounder to the near post.

(no line-up photo was posted on Twitter)

BLUE Starting Line-up vs. France (source tweet), numerical order:
1:  Julia Dohle (GK)
2:  Jenna Nighswonger (Captain)
3:  Shae Holmes
4:  Emily Mason
7:  Alexa Spaanstra
9:  Trinity Rodman
10:  Summer Yates
11:  Talia DellaPeruta^
14:  Bria Schrotenboer
16:  Mykiaa Minniss^
17:  Rebecca Jarrett

Starting Formation (4-3-3):

Mason – Schrotenboer – Minniss – Holmes
Nighswonger (“6”)
DellaPeruta – Spaanstra
Rodman – Yates – Jarrett

^From the line-up that started against Brazil, Carr made two changes, replacing Staude with Minniss and Wheeler with DellaPeruta.

Additionally, Nighswonger was moved to the holding midfielder role (“6”), with DellaPeruta presumably in the “8” role.

USA Substitutions:
60′ – Diana Ordonez (#15) for Yates
68′ – Astrid Wheeler (#6) for DellaPeruta^^
90′ – Natalia Staude (#5) for Jarrett^^^
^^Nighswonger remained in the holding midfielder role
^^^Staude played as a third center back

For the France line-up, see the FFF.fr match summary.

Scoring Summary:

  • 23′ – USA (1:0) – Alexa Spaanstra – From a Rodman throw-in on the near/right side.  The French defense was not fully set.  Rodman’s throw into the 18-yard box bounced a few yards in front of Yates, who boxed out her defender.  On the second bounce, the ball nutmeg’ed both Yates and her defender, rolling onto the top line of the 6-yard box, where Spaanstra pounced on it, striking a hard shot above the reacting goalkeeper, just inside the near post.  Spaanstra was unmarked, as the two closest defenders were both ball-watching. (see highlight tweet, below)
  • 45’+3 – USA (2:0) – Trinity Rodman From a Nighswonger corner kick on the near/right side.  Mason’s volley attempt was mostly a whiff, but it did deaden and redirect the ball to Rodman at the far post, who took a couple steps and unleashed a low line drive. (see highlight tweet, below)
  • 77′ – FRA (2:1) – Vicki Becho After receiving a pass, Spaanstra, who was several yards outside the box, tries to spin around her defender, but loses her balance, allowing the defender to take the ball, spin and pass into space for Becho, who claims the ball, spins, and strikes a hard left-footed grounder to the near post, past a diving Dohle.

* * *

BLUE vs. France (full match)

RED vs. BRAZIL (Friday, 3:30 p.m. EST)

USA Red 0, Brazil 0:  In the day’s earlier match, the USA’s “Red” Team had much more possession, compared to their match against France, which was to be expected.  While the USA had a number of decent chances, only a couple were particularly threatening, with the USA looking the most dangerous on its numerous corner kicks and some deep free kicks.

Substitute midfielder Catherine Barry, who was not on the announced roster for this camp, had three good chances in the second half, including a point-blank shot off of a mis-cleared corner kick that was saved by substitute goalkeeper Mayara in the 87th minute.

Minutes earlier, Katelyn Duong had a free kick shot from just outside the box that was saved by a diving Nicole in her last effort before being replaced by Mayara.

In the 6th minute, Dilary Heredia-Beltran made a penetrating dribble from her right flank into the box, over-hitting the ball into space in front of midfielder Avery Lockwood, but Lockwood’s left-footed effort was shanked wide left.

Brazil’s best chance came in the 38th minute, following a free kick from the deep right flank.  The free kick was batted away by USA goalkeeper Meagan McClelland, but the return header by a Brazil player trickled just beyond the far post.

RED Starting Line-up vs. Brazil (source tweet), numerical order:
12:  Meagan McClelland^
4:  Smith Hunter
5:  Cassandra Hiatt
6:  Avery Lockwood^
8:  Dilary Heredia Beltran
10:  Sakura Yoshida
14:  Quincy McMahon
19:  Anna Podojil
20:  Katelyn Duong (Captain)
21:  Samantha Kroeger
23:  Sydny Nasello

Starting Formation (4-3-3): 

McMahon – Hiatt – Hunter – Kroeger
Duong (“6”)
Lockwood – Yoshida
Heredia-Beltran – Podojil – Nasello

^There were two changes from the match versus Brazil, with McClelland replacing Anderson in goal and Lockwood replacing Hasenauer in the midfield.

USA Substitutions:
63′ – Catherine Barry (#15) for Lockwood
75′ – Zoe Hasenauer (#11) for Yoshida

Scoring Summary:  n/a

For Brazil’s starting line-up, see their write-up for this match.

* * *

RED vs. Brazil (full match)

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