CU20W: USA Viewing Options for the 2020 CONCACAF Women’s Under-20 Championship

Update (22-Feb-2020):  Major re-write, added section for YouTube

While all of this year’s CONCACAF Women’s Under-20 Championship matches that involve the USA should be available unblocked via CONCACAF’s official YouTube channel, some live broadcasts of other matches have been geo-blocked in the USA.

For those trying to watch these other matches live, there are two additional options:  Concacaf Go ( and TUDNxtra.  And, if you missed a match, each match should be available for replay on YouTube (official playlist) shortly after the end of the live broadcast.

The Options:

The Preferred Free Option:  YouTube / Concacaf’s Channel

If the YouTube live-stream is not geo-blocked, this is the best option, as the match broadcasts have full HD options (1080p), plus one can rewind to earlier moments (e.g., in case one was out of the room and missed a goal).  Also, this is the best option for those wishing to watch a match on a smart TV or via a set-top device such as Amazon Fire or Roku.

If one misses a particular match, each match should be available for replay on YouTube (official playlist) shortly after the end of the live broadcast.  At the end of each match video, there is usually an extended highlights package that is narrated by the announcer.



The Back-Up Free Option:  Concacaf Go /

This is not currently geo-blocked in the USA.  The announcer feed is in English.  Unfortunately, the video feed is not close to high definition.  The video can be maximized, but only via the URL.  If you use the URL, the maximize video is grayed-out.  No on-demand or live-replay features.

The Non-Free Option:  TUDNxtra /

For those with a multichannel service (cable/satellite/fiber) and receive the Spanish-Language sports channel TUDN, then you should be able to watch live feeds of matches on the TUDN website.  Users will need to log into their service provider account in order to view the feed.  The video quality appears to be slightly better than CONCACAF Go’s.  The streams lack live rewind features.

Some service providers (e.g. Dish TV) also make the TUDNxtra channels available through their channel line-up, so one may be able to watch these matches directly on their televisions.

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