2020 CONCACAF Women’s Under-20 Championship – Final Rosters

Earlier this week, CONCACAF released the final rosters for this year’s Women’s Under-20 Championship.  Unfortunately, the rosters were only made publicly available via Issuu.com which does not allow downloads of the original PDF for documents uploaded by free accounts (and generally sucks from a usability perspective.)

Anyway, here is the full list of players as a Google Sheets file.


With 20 teams, separate tabs for each team seemed impractical, so all players are listed on one main worksheet.

The worksheet also includes a “Stats” worksheet that shows summary age statistics (median age, average age, youngest age, and oldest age) plus birth-year distributions for each team.

For most USA-based collegiate players, links to their collegiate profile are included on the main list worksheet.

Please note that OCR was used to convert the rosters list, so there may be some uncaught errors in the spelling of player and team names.  (For more technical details, see the “Tech.Notes” worksheet in the file.

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