FIFA Women’s International Match Calendars For 2013 and 2014

Last week, FIFA posted a circular (#1330) online detailing its official calendars for women’s matches in 2013 and 2014. These calendars list the reserved date windows when club teams are required to release their players for international friendlies, official qualifying matches, and finals tournaments. Continue reading “FIFA Women’s International Match Calendars For 2013 and 2014”

More Details on IFAB’s Headscarf Trial

On October 2nd, the The International Football Association Board (IFAB) held its Annual Business Meeting (ABM). Among the decisions (FIFA Circular #1322 (25-Oct-2012), PDF) to come out of that meeting was a directive on the trial use of headscarves (e.g., hijabs), which had already received the go ahead during IFAB’s special meeting in July ( This trial will last until the March 2014 IFAB Annual General Meeting. Continue reading “More Details on IFAB’s Headscarf Trial”