Youth USWNTs: 2020 Calendar Update – Camps, Trips, and Tournaments


  • 05-Feb-2020:  U-17 USWNT – Added details for CONCACAF Women’s Under-17 Championship
  • 11-Feb-2020:  U-23 USWNT – Added details for Portland Thorns Spring Invitational
  • 17-Feb-2020:  Minor updates/clarifications
  • 02-Mar-2020:  Added March U-15 USGNT camp entry

While U.S. Soccer’s dysfunctional website* does not often include much information about future youth team camps and/or matches, that is not the case with a number of other associations’ websites.  In addition, youth USWNTs regular participate in annual friendly tournaments at the La Manga Club in Spain, which regularly publishes online its upcoming schedule of hosted matches.

*A subject for a future post.  Or three…

So, after much browsing and searching…

…Here are some things that were news to me:

  • Confirmation that a USA team is scheduled to participate in the April U-23 WNT friendly tournament at La Manga Club in Spain.
  • News that the USA will be sending a GNT to the annual soccer tournament in Montaigu, France.  The USA will be in a four-team U-16 GNT mini-tournament with France, Japan, and Norway.
  • A June U-15 USGNT camp or trip involving the U-15 GNTs of Germany and the Netherlands.
  • The host and dates of this year’s U-23 WNT Nordic Tournament:  Norway, September 14th to the 22nd.  (USA participation not confirmed.)
  • Also, the CONCACAF Women’s Under-20 Championship, which was originally scheduled to start on Saturday, February 15th, was quietly pushed back to February 22nd.

(Update 02-Feb-2020):  Clarified the descriptions of the U-14 events.

In addition, a U-14 Girls identification regional mini-camp roster with dates for two more regional mini-camps plus a normal national U-14 USGNT identification camp was published on Thursday, which gives a good picture of what that age group is doing up through late May.

The rest of this post is divided into two sections:

  • First, a “Summaries” section with short capsules discussing each team’s known events, so far, for 2020, and
  • Second,  a chronological listing by month of those known events, with links to sources.

(Expect minor updates to the post as new events and more details become known.  Also, I plan to link to roster write-ups as they become available.)


Under-23 USWNT:  Once again, the team will participate in the Thorns Spring Invitational, which is hosted by the NWSL’s Portland Thorns FC, and will run from March 29th to April 4th.   A USA team is scheduled to participate in a U-23 tournament at La Manga in early April, but U.S. Soccer has yet to officially confirm which specific youth WNT.  In 2019, two separate U-23 USWNT squad from the Thorns Invitational roster went to La Manga, so, presumptively, this year’s La Manga squad should also be a U-23 squad.  However, it is possible that U.S. Soccer sends a younger team**, such as the U-20 USWNT, though that may depend on whether they qualify for this year’s FIFA Under-20 Women’s World Cup.  Later in the year, the u-23s should participate in a four-team “Nordic Tournament,” which looks to be scheduled for September 14th to the 22nd.

**This speculation is based on past practices for youth USWNTs.  Also, Germany is sending their U-20 WNT to the same U-23 tournament (

Under-20 USWNT:  Held a camp in January.  Their next event is CONCACAF qualifying for the FIFA Under-20 Women’s World Cup.  This qualifying tournament – the CONCACAF Women’s Under-20 Championship – was originally scheduled to start on February 15th, but was quietly pushed back to February 22nd.  Due to the U-20 WWC having two co-hosts from CONCACAF (Costa Rica and Panama) only two at-large slots are up for grabs in the qualifying tournament (, instead of the normal three.  Should the USA qualify, expect one camp or trip per month from March up to the start of the U-20 WWC, which is scheduled for August.

Under-19 USWNT:  In March, the U-19s will travel to La Manga for three friendlies, against England, the Netherlands, and Sweden.  This trip overlaps with the CONCACAF Women’s Under-20 Championship.

Under-18 USWNT:  Are currently in a camp.  Details on future events are not readily available.

Under-17 USWNT:  Held a camp in early January.  The U-17s will hold another camp in February, where they will host their English counterparts for two friendlies.  CONCACAF qualifying tournament for the U-17 WWC is scheduled for late March.  Similar to the U-20s, should the Should the USA qualify, expect one camp or trip per month from late April up to the start of the U-17 WWC in November.

Under-16 USGNT:  Held a camp in January.  In late February, they will travel to England for a UEFA developmental tournament that also includes Denmark and Spain.  A USA team will also be participating in April’s Mondial Football Montaigu (website) (a/k/a “Tournoi de Montaigu”) in Montaigu, France as part of a four-team U-16 friendly mini-tournament, along with France, Japan, and Norway.

Under-15 USGNT:  The only confirmed event so far is in June, which involves the USA playing the Germany U-15 GNT and Netherlands U-15 GNT.  There should be a CONCACAF Girls Under-15 Championship in the second half of the year, but the USA could send a U-14 team as they did in 2018.  This tweet from Kate Markgraf implies that the U-15s should hold a camp by mid-March. (added 17-Feb-2020)

Under-14 USGNT:  Three regional identification mini-camps, each with about 60 players, will be held in the next two months.  Then, in late May, about 20 prospects from each camp (60 in total) will be brought together for the first true full U-14 USGNT identification camp of the year.


(Based on publically available information from U.S. Soccer, other national associations, venues, et cetera.)

Gray-colored listings denote events that have yet to be publicly confirmed by U.S. Soccer (in some capacity).


Under-17 USWNT:  January Camp – Lakewood Ranch, Fla. (roster write-up)
Ran from January 5th to 15th (Sunday to Wednesday)

Under-20 USWNT:  January Camp – Lakewood Ranch, Fla. (roster write-up)
Ran from January 9th to 20th (Thursday to Monday)

Under-18 USWNT:  January Camp – Lakewood Ranch, Fla. (roster write-up)
Saturday, January 25th:  Friendly vs. China PR (Win, 2-nil)
Tuesday, January 28th:  Friendly vs. Norway (Win, 5-nil)
Friday, January 31st:  Friendly vs. Netherlands
(specific start-end dates for the camp are not available)

Under-16 USGNT:  January Camp – Lakewood Ranch, Fla. (roster write-up)
Ran from January 24th to 29th (Friday to Wednesday)



Under-14 Girls TIP:  February Mini-Camp, West Region – Chula Vista, Calif.  (roster write-up)
Runs from February 5th to February 9th (Wednesday-Sunday)
(U.S. Soccer roster release)

Under-17 USWNT:  February Camp – Bradenton, Fla. (roster write-up)
Wednesday, February 19th:  Friendly vs. England
Saturday, February 22nd:  Friendly vs. England
(source: – U17 WNT schedule)

Under-16 USGNT:  February Trip – England (roster write-up)
Wednesday, February 19th:  Friendly vs. Spain
Friday, February 21st:  Friendly vs. England
Monday, February 24th:  Friendly vs. Denmark
(source: for inferred match schedule, – U16 GNT schedule)

Under-20 USWNT:  CONCACAF Championship (FIFA U-20 WWC Qualifiers) – Dominican Republic (roster write-up)
Saturday, February 22nd:  Group Stage vs. Cuba (3:00 p.m. ET)
Monday, February 24th:  Group Stage vs. Dominican Republic (3:00 p.m. ET)
Wednesday, February 26th:  Group Stage vs. Honduras (6:00 p.m. ET)
Knock-Out Stage runs from February 29th to March 8th (Saturday-Sunday)
(source:  CONCACAF)
Note:  This tournament was originally scheduled to start a week earlier, on February 15th.  For more details, see here.


MARCH 2020

Under-19 USWNT:  March Trip – La Manga, Spain (roster write-up)
Wednesday, March 4th:  Friendly vs. England (14:00 local)
Friday, March 6th:  Friendly vs. Netherlands (18:00 local)
Sunday, March 8th:  Friendly vs. Sweden (18:00 local*)
*In the USA, Daylight savings begins on the 8th.
(sources: PDF, – U19 WNT schedule)

Under-15 USGNT:  March Camp – Carson, Calif. (roster write-up)
Runs from March 2nd to March 8th

Under-14 Girls TIP:  Mini-Camp, Central Region
Runs from March 4th to 8th (Wednesday-Sunday)
(source:  February U-14 Girls TIP mini-camp roster release)

UPDATE (13-MAR-2020):  All events for the rest of March and all of April, outside of the CONCACAF Women’s Under-17 Championship, are presumed to be cancelled.

Under-14 Girls TIP:  Mini-Camp, East Region
Runs from March 25th to 29th (Wednesday to Sunday)
(source:  February U-14 Girls TIP mini-camp roster release)

Under-23 USWNT:  Portland Thorns Spring Invitational
Sunday, March 29th:  Exhibition vs. Reign FC (2:30 p.m. PDT)
Wednesday, March 31st:  Exhibition vs. Portland Thorns FC (7:30 p.m. PDT)
Saturday, April 4th:  Exhibition vs. Red Stars (7:30 p.m. PDT)
On March 12th, the NWSL cancelled the preseason match schedule. (NWSL)


APRIL 2020

Under-16 USGNT:  April Trip – France
Tournoi de Montaigu – Feminin (Group F)
April 8th:  Friendly vs. Japan U-16 (17:00 local)
April 10th:  Friendly vs. Norway U-16 (18:00 local)
April 12th:  Friendly vs. France U-16 (18:30 local)
(sources:  FFF.FR,, tournament website)
The entire tournament was cancelled on March 9th. (Twitter)

Under-23 USWNT^:  April Trip – La Manga, Spain
U-23 WNT Friendly Tournament
Thursday, April 9th:  Friendly vs. Sweden (16:00 local)
Saturday, April 11th:  Friendly vs. Netherlands (16:00 local)
Monday, April 13th:  Friendly vs. France (12:00 local)
(source: PDF)
^USA age-group team not officially confirmed.  It is possible that U.S. Soccer might send the U-20 USWNT instead.

Under-17 USWNT:  CONCACAF CHAMPIONSHIP (FIFA U-17 WWC Qualifiers) – Mexico
Saturday, April 18th:  Group Stage vs. Cuba
Monday, April 20th:  Group Stage vs. El Salvador
Wednesday, April 22nd:  Group Stage vs. Guatemala
Knockout stage runs from April 25th to May 5th (Saturday-Sunday).(originally scheduled for March 21st to April 5th)
For the full preliminary schedule, see here.


MAY 2020

Under-14 USGNT:  Domestic Camp
Runs from May 18th to 23rd (Monday to Saturday)
(source:  February U-14 Girls TIP mini-camp roster release)


JUNE 2020

Under-15 USGNT:  June Something
Wednesday, June 10th:  Friendly vs. Germany
Sunday, June 14th:  Friendly vs. Netherlands




Under-23 USWNT^^:  Nordic Tournament – Norway
Scheduled for September 14th to 22nd (Monday to Tuesday)
^^USA participation is not verified.


* * *

Provisional (should the USA qualify for each tournament)

FIFA Under-20 Women’s World Cup – Costa Rica / Panama
Scheduled for “August 2020” (FIFA)

FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup – India
Runs from November 2nd to 21st

* * *

For Reference:  Senior WNT Matches/Windows (FIFA Circular 1650 – PDF, updated FIFA calendar)

These are included in the case that U-20 or U-23 USWNT players are called up to the senior USWNT, and thus unavailable for overlapping or concurrent events.

CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying Championship – Texas/California
Runs from January 28th to February 9th (Tuesday to Sunday).

March Friendly Window (2nd to 11th) – SheBelieves Cup (write-up)
Matches are on March 5th, 8th, and 11th (Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday)

April Friendly Window (6th to 14th)
(up to 2 friendlies)

June Friendly Window (1st to 10th)
(up to 3 friendlies, non-UEFA)

Summer Olympics – Women’s Soccer Tournament – Tokyo, Japan
Group stage begins on Wednesday, July 22nd.
Gold Medal match is on Friday, August 7th.
Closing Ceremonies are on Saturday, August 8th

September Friendly Window (14th to 22nd)
(up to 2 friendlies)

October Friendly Window (19th to 27th)
(up to 2 friendlies)

November-December Friendly Window (23rd to 1st)
(up to 2 friendlies)
Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 26th!

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